Wanted: HT parts local to Everett, WA

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by DakotaLynx, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. DakotaLynx

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    After months of silence and work I finally got "Projekt Dragonfly" all put together tonight. However, when I got it started and tried to ride it, be bike behaved a bit like me. It made a lot of noise, blew a bit of smoke, but ultimately didn't go anywhere.

    The fastest I was able to get moving (With a pedal start) was 11mph. :-/
    The problem seem to to be that I did my math wrong when I calculated my gear ratios. (Rather disappointing, as that means I won't be able to ever use that 12 tooth drive sprocket the folks at Applied charged me a mint for.)
    So basically what I need is a pair of sprockets, a 36-tooth, and a...whatever the drive sproket was. Anyone in the Everett/Seattle area got anything like that they are willing to sell?

    I am correct in thinking that the drive sprockets for HappyTime engines are for a 1/2" crank, right? (Really don't want to have to re-drill again if can be helped.) I already have mounting hardware and can get a correctly-sized chain. (Currently I'm using a super-wide#50 chain.)


  2. Pablo

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    Got pictures of what you need?
  3. DakotaLynx

    DakotaLynx New Member

    Actually thank you, but nevermind.
    I got a 9 tooth sprocket off E-bay, and stuck with my exiting 56 tooth wheel sprocket. While a 6.2:1 gear ratio was enough to get me moving, it' s only just. In fact the clutch was starting to smoke by the time I hit 20. :-(
    Ah-well, Live and learn I guess.

    As of now, I'm working on saving my money and getting a 76mm clutch GEBE kit, sans engine. Of course I'll also be searching the forums for people selling them on the cheap.

  4. augidog

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    get in touch if you'd like...no promises, but some used stuff may be available soon.