wanted: mtb or bmx rider for mb-x promotion

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by augidog, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. augidog

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    the MBRA is off to a s-l-o-w start, but thank you to the supporting members for keeping us ad- & politics-free.

    i don't get to race this year, but i hear tell of a couple guys who plan to run at the salt-flats. i encourage you guys to join MBRA (new unlimited-class) and unashamedly ask for support, you deserve it, and will likely get it, too :)

    i want to stay active in racing nonetheless, and would like to try something...

    i need a crazy mtb'er or bmx'er (16 or older) who'd like to see what they could do with an mb-x...someone into stunts and rough-riding. you'd need to be able to make it to ocean park regularly...the ultimate plan will be to define riding methods & style, and find a track that'll let us cut loose and see how far we can take this...if we can attract the right personnel we'll document the entire project.

    personally, i'm offering a golden eagle drive-train & shop-support for this project, but encourage builders & riders of other styles to think about joining us & getting these baby's on a real track someday :helmet:

  2. ihatemybike

    ihatemybike Member

    Dang you for being so far away. I plan on building up a Azonix Steelhead with a HT and jumping the **** out of it. Hope to be rolling by July when my family heads to CO and UT for vacation.
  3. augidog

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    "dang you" right back. maybe someday we'll meet at an mb-X event. i'm imagining the 40cc belt-drive on that bike in the pic....it's a good thing. please keep us posted on your endeavors...if you achieve some acceptance and interest in your area, a future long-distance collaboration is not impossible.
  4. RMWdave

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    sorry to be le sabot but i just dont see anything growing as far as racing these things anymore.
    maybe dirt tt on a bmx with pocketbike engines would work?