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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by V 35, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Lately, throttles have been my downfall. The Stock Grubee throttle
    cracked at the throttle tube. A dirt bike replacement had the wrong geometry.

    Pirate Cycle sells the ' Domino ' throttle, the cable stop is too big for the carb slider, these would be great for a Mini Bike, as the unit is nicely made and inexpensive, apparently uses a brake cable, when I tried grinding down stop, wound up with a ' rocket launch ' and slider now MIA. The Domino tube doesn't fit the Skyhawk body, so no cheap fix.

    Needed .... A better throttle tube for the stock Skyhawk throttle, any insight appreciated

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    how about a 'short-lever' brake lever instead of a twister??

    its all ive ever used :)
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    Did some more homework ... The Domino Throttle uses a Sheathed * Shifter *
    Cable, The Lead ' pill ' end fits the carb perfectly . The Make Em Up end fits the
    throttle tube, glad I bought 2, One for R + D, one NIB. As for the thumb throttle, and pull throttle, they lack that Motorcycle feel, and familarity.

    My thoughts are, Dirt Bike Throttles are rugged as can be, but the Geometry doesn't work with the small Idle / WOT travel of a M B Carb, the dirt bike uses a much longer slide. Perhaps a second cable, like a caliper cable ?
    to suck up the excess travel, and still allow wide range throttle control.

    A Dirt Bike Throttle goes idle to W O T in a 10 th of a turn, not the desired
    1/4 turn so a dummy arangement might work nicely, and provide the ultimate in fine tuning.
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