Wanted to buy broken engines.

i have a 48cc bike engine. its just the engine. it needs a new piston and cyclinder and header, also the carb the muffler the front mounts. well lets just say that all is there is an engine that only has the engine
well its a peice of well you know but iff you want it sure man heres a pic its just the engine though


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rack mount

I have a Ryobi 4 cycle, 26.2cc (rack mount). The only mechanical problem is the starter cord won't retract. It's from an unfinished project and has maybe 1 or 2 miles of use. Included are a good plywood mounting box, an aluminum rubber covered drive shaft and a pillow block shaft support bearing. The Ryobi has a centrifugal clutch.

What it needs...A longer throttle cable and mounting hardware to attach it to your bike. I'd also recommend a different shaft support bearing as the one it's got is overkill and too stiff. A 1 inch car wheel bearing would work better.

Sorry, no picture but you can see the engine at any Home Depot. It's from a weed whacker (never used). If interested, make me an offer. I'm in Louisiana.