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    Thanks everyone for the help with my bike, I know I have been posting quite a bit in 2 stroke area.

    My bike was having numerous problems.

    Worst being magneto failure over and over.

    I replaced the Chinese plug with a NGK BPR6HS - works great.
    I couldn't get it to stay in the boot as its a different sized plug head but I used my tin snips to cut the old chinese plugs head part off where there was thread and it looked like the end of a screw and I screwed it in the end of the ngk and stuck the boot on it and it grasps that asif it was the end of the old china plug.

    Replaced the CDI as before I cut my boot off - was probably helping fry the magneto as there is a resistor in there that protects the rest of the ignition system from any back fire / miss fires etc from the spark plug.

    I added an expansion chamber (a new exhause) that literaly made a worlds difference. I just started her up and wow I must say, this and the NGK plug are heaven. I can go 10-15kmph up steep hills now and it feels like its alot more zippier on flats.

    Only thing I have to fix now is the chain tension when I turn the rear wheel goes tight loose tight loose. The sprocket isn't lined up due to the hole being a ****y center cut from China. - Someone told me how to fix this. You simply turn the wheel to the tightest chain tension, tighten the tensioner even more, make sure the wheels off the ground, now loosen the bolts around the rear sprocket and spin the wheel. Apparently this will even itself out. I am going to try right now.

    Cheers and many thanks !

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    ummm...you do know that for the china plug boot to work, you need to remove the screw on tip of the ngk plug right?
    you need to use the screw on spark plug cap for an automotive / motorcycle spark plug boot, and you need to remove the screw on tip for the chinese plug boot.
    I'm not following what you did....
    did you cut the threaded tip off of the china plug and screw it into the screw on tiop of the ngk plug?

    you cut the boot off?
    what resistor are you talking about?

    there is no resistor in the boot or the plug wire.
    a backfire will not do anything to the ignition. a missfire is caused by an igntion problem.
    if that's what you did, all you need to do is unscrew the tip from the ngk plug with a pair of pliers.

    your chain going loose, tight, loose tight is very common with these things.
    I have never heard of fixing that problem the way you are describing it.
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    ohhhhh i see. my old setupid i cut the boot off. but i replaced allmy stuff recently and yes i cut the threaded screw like head off the oldchina plug and screwed it in the ngk head hole opening and pluged THAT into the boot which grabs properly.

    i understand what you are saying tho that the whole head part i screwed into comes off. is that part the resistor?
  4. motorpsycho

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    no that part is not the resistor, it's just a cap for the plug wire boot to snap into so it stays on the plug.
    I'm no expert on plugs but i think the resistance is done through the porcelain part of the plug.
    if you just get rid of the stock wire all together, and put an automotive plug wire and boot on it, you won't have to worry about that threaded peice that you put on the ngk plug.
    With an automotive boot, you leave the little screw on cap on the plug and the boot will snap right on and stay on.