WANTED! Whizzer engine kit or restorable bike! HELP!

I am looking for a Whizzer engine kit, or restorable bike. Does not have to be new but would appreciate something that is working or could easily be made to work again. If you have a bike that is just taking up space in the shop that you think might be made to run with some tinkering I could use that too. Anything will help at this point. Bike or engine does need to be made by Whizzer.

If you have something that you think might work please contact me with price, with shipping to Oregon. I do not have much budget and am building this on a shoe string, so please be reasonable on price.

Engine doesn't have to be vintage, but it does have to be a Whizzer. Please, can you help? Contact me right away!
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Jan 26, 2008
I am trying to find a reasonably priced engine kit. Everything but the bike, which I already have. The bike is a 1942 Columbia. I don't care of the kit is used, just that it is in reasonably good condition and runs or can easily be made to run.

Can you let me know what you have and how much you want, with shipping to Oregon. Pictures would be a serious plus.

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Please contact me either through PM [private meassage] on this site or contact me at quincy163@yahoo.com. If you haven't introduced yourself on this site you should do so [part of the rules of this site]. I can build you a vintage "H" motor or assemble a new edition kit. Just a short time ago the kits were discontinued by Whizzer USA, but I can supply you a kit that I have assembled, but the cost is slightly higher due to shipping costs to me [I had to buy the parts separately]. Contact me for the prices.