WARNING! Cops on Rock Ridge RD Lakeland, FLORIDA


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3:02 AM
Jun 19, 2008
WARNING to any MBC members or anyone else traveling in Polk County in Lakeland on Rock Ridge Rd!!! There's a Van-Fleet state bike trail out here on Deen Still Rd (connected to Rock Ridge) shared by many bikers so I feel the need to warn fellow bikers!

I got pulled last night about 11PM ENTERING my own private subdevelopment less than a mile from home, for no reason. It was a pure white Chevy Impala undercover cop.

Cops of many kinds, but a LOT of undercover stuff going on out here. Late nights out here I've noticed that the ONLY cars out here on the road are some type of police vehicle!

Well it's time I blow their cover and tell everyone!!!!

I live in a subdevelopment on Rock Ridge, so I have no choice but to take this rural road on the way home! There IS NO DETOUR!

I have encountered now FIVE Police incidents all on this SAME ROAD in smaller than a 5 mile stretch!!!! I have driven HUNDREDS of miles elsewhere all over my town, and in Florida, and even up HWY 301 through Hernando and Sumter county to Bushnell, and also Plant City and Zephyrhills with NO problems with police, but I'm always weary when I have to ride back home!!!

The last THREE encounters happened within less than half a mile from my subdevelopment.
So far out of FIVE Rock Ridge road incidents...........

1st encounter on July 4th - Red Undercover Chevy Impala; Brutally Arrested and thrown on ground and skinned on Black Top because the cop thought I was stealing a pressure washer, (my bike trailer) and now fighting a Resisting an Officer charge!

2nd encounter - Florida Wildlife F350 (game warden) pulled me over in the rain and tried to say I need a tag

3rd encounter - Cop saw me PEDALING at 5-10mph with an idling engine entering the corner of US Hwy98 and Rock Ridge Rd and did a U-turn and pulled me over and asked what I was pulling assuming it was stolen

4th encounter - F350 Polk County Sheriff truck driven by a female stopped to check me out, and I was on the side of the road to let any traffic pass. She said she was wondering if I was pulling something (assuming something stolen), and I said YES, I'm pulling a bicycle trailer! She rudely shined her light in my face, and so I shined my light back in her vehicle to see her and she got mad, lol

5th encounter - white undercover impala cop pulled me over on Ranchland (private rd) while I was exiting from Rock Ridge, and said I need to keep it under 20 even though he had no real indicators of my exact speed, I maybe got his attention because my headlight batteries are nearly dead, but he was behind me, and my blinking bicycle taillight works, so it could have been any reason. I mentioned to him internet sources that say 30mph in FL, he still says it's only 20, although I got no ticket.

OTHER: On my way home from my long trip to Bushnell (Sumter co) on Rockridge rd about 1000 feet from Ranchland, during the day on Sunday, two Sheriff cars driving together saw me riding, pulled over and turned around in an attempt to pursue me, but I went full throttle and got away on Ranchland Rd before they had a chance to catch up. LOL ROFL HAHAHA Even though my whole trip was cop problem free, go figure when I got to Rock Ridge this would happen.

After being harrassed this many times ON THE SAME ROAD NEAR HOME, I'm considering an Attorney from out of Polk county to sue the Polk County Sheriff Dept for all this unnecessary harrasment!
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Were all the pigs wearing swastika armbands?

Probably LOL


That's OK though, because when I build my gas-powered skates, I'd like to see what they have to say then!

I REFUSE to be stranded and immobile!!! I will find a way!
Doing their job

Sounds like there might have been a lot of stuff stolen from that area, so the police are doing what they are supposed to do, and that is to check your trailer to make sure you have,nt stolen anything.. They are only doing their job. MotorMac
sorry to hear about all the extra attention your getting but it sounds like these boys are on a mission, espicially since you have outrun them once or twice, what else do you think they have to talk about when they are drinking their starbucks coffee and donkin donuts....