Warranty on bike sales

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    Just want to get some opinions from some builders.

    I have built a few of these bike..all have 2 stroke engines.

    What kind of warranty plan should I give the customers?

    The motor kit i buy has a 30 day warranty (fast bike motors)

    I just sold another bike to a lady 1 hour away from me...she calls me up the next day and said she rode it once and the chain snapped off and made the tire flat and smashed the frame ..i have no idea how the chain would come off...maybe i didnt use enough grease.

    But I will replace with another bike.

    What should i warranty from here on out? just the motor for 30 days?
    thanks for your opinions!!
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  2. crassius

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    I ride all my builds for at least 60 miles to be sure they're ready for the street, and have had all the problems found and adjusted out. I can't warranty any of the Chinese crap that goes into it, but give 6 months on all work I've done.

    If I didn't do it right, or didn't catch some problem before I sold it, I'd be too embarrassed to charge them to fix it.
  3. HeadSmess

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    and again, dont.

    i cant charge people for anything to do with fitting an engine to a bike, its just...nope. people just have a way of destroying things, i dont know how. ive seen people destroy pull starters on the first pull that had been fine for the last year since i purchased it, ive seen beautiful builds destroyed because they "opened the front gate, slipped, and it fell over" (ie, a stud on the starter broke off, removing a large section of crankcase with it). exhausts busted off, the kids take em for a spin, it was left out in the rain, the husband reversed his truck into it, yarda yarda blah blah...

    ive had my share of things go wrong but i can fix them, no worries. but when it comes to the same person, returning every four days with yet another unforeseen stuffup...i give up.

    some people can do it. if you can, go for it :) kudos and all that...

    and if anyone got injured...oh my. no.

    thats just my way of seeing it.

    ill sell the bits and pieces, but never a build, never again. not one from a kit, at least.
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    Ok thanks! Before i sold this bike I rode it up and down for her..so now from here out I will start the bike..ride it in front of the people..then make them ride it ....when they make the decision...i will say I can not warranty anything on this bike....do you want this bike? take their cash and I dont wanna hear a peep from them. I also sold one 3 weeks ago and the guy smashed it 2 times drinking and driving...but he paid me to fix it.
  5. grinningremlin

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    Maybe PM "KCVale", he's the only one here I'd consider a "pro" builder.
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  6. HeadSmess

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    thats about the best way to do it. some people, ive found, just have thumbs, and severe cases of sinistrousness (new word for the week...the opposite of ambidextrous)

    they also cant seem to think properly...

    totally unrelated but as an example. i do casual strip-outs/demolition. yesterday, the guy i work with, yet again, took out a water line.

    in the first five minutes!

    he was told to block the drains first. nah, forget that, jump on the jack hammer, yay yay yay.

    first thing he did was jam hammer, randomly, into main wall of building...straight into the waterline.

    "i thought that would be the most unlikely place for it"

    ahem. i know accidents happen, but every time? start near a tap, gently, find where the lines are grouted in, and expose them all. then you can go psycho... and dont jam the hammer into a main wall! try one of the inner walls, where they dont have any taps?

    and hes been doing it for 12 years apparently? go figure... i wont even say what part of a bathroom he takes out first, and doesnt look in first either. real nice when its a big place, full of tradies and the water has been off for a week or more...real nice :ack2:

    basically, some people cant think and cant learn from mistakes either.

    agreed with last post.... kcvale would be the most professional builder on here, he knows all the ins and outs by now, i guess :)
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