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    First time for me... Nice compact twin engine.
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    Wonder if it will really happen? Uno, you can do alot of cool tricks with PC............:rolleyes7:
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    It easily could be real- But if you look, you have two seperate crankcases with two seperate cranksafts... essentially, two seperate engines. It will require two seperate carbs. An inbalance between the two systems will shred the whole operation in very short order as one engine fights the other.
    the Old Sgt.
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    I just noticed- one mill is on backwards. Can these things run in reverse?
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    This is old news from 07-20-2009,
    It is real and was made by a guy from Ohio that goes by the forum
    name of camlifter and the company is Acme Motor Works

    They have a video of a prototype running and have made castings.


    The latest news is it looks like the engine is not going to be made but another
    guy named cherokeemotorbikes claims that he is going to make a similar "V Twin" Engine.
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