was mb hacked last night?

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  1. popeye

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    hi folkes i went to come on to this site last night about 12 hours ago and google chrome and my anti virus both kicked off google wouldn't even navigate here just put up an info page saying that the site has malware in it and if i use the site regular and know that isnt the case then it may be that you are currently under attack so i was wondering if it was true or if i need to get my pc some prozac cuz its worrying to much, any one?
    ps great site i like it here hence the questions

  2. Happy Valley

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    Same here. Suspected 3rd party malware warning.
  3. madcroc

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    I noticed this as well. It attempted to redirect me to some website which was using some sort of flash exploit.
  4. loquin

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    Hackers found a vulnerability with the hosting company who hosts the site. It allowed them to have visitors to the hosted sites get redirected to a malicious site. (Which was the site that browsers/chrome blocked.)

    Tom reports that the vulnerability got fixed fairly soon after it was reported, so all is back up and running properly again.
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  5. popeye

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    top work loquin, carry on. ;]
  6. bikejock

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    Lately I noticed at least 1 hacker who attempted to gain access to my account by guessing my password 5 times (got a failed log in message today) and at least 1 spammer who sent me a spam PM these past few days. Ugh what is the world coming to? :rolleyes7: These people seem to be after any personal info that could lead to bank info or something. If they were good all they would need is access to an email address.
  7. troyg

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