Washington State Laws Changed? Moped now? My accident w/car...

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    I was in an accident where I avoided colliding with a car that was turning left, causing me to crashing into/over curb rolling and denting bike and whacking my knee.

    This is in Washington State, where I had researched the laws and found that "pedal assist" bicycle had me covered. (49cc/singlespeed/30mph) That is I was operating under bicycle laws per those entries in the state law.

    I was unable to find those same laws after the accident. That had me confused.

    Now, finally I was able to talk to the state trooper tonight and he said the law he found makes me a moped, which has registration and lighting requirements. He was an ok guy. He doesn't intend to use that law to give me a ticket.

    SO, according to the law he found, I wasn't legal with my 4G Belt Drive HS 4 cycle kit on my K2 mountain bike.

    I haven't dug into this as far as it's probably possible to, but it sure seems that the laws must have recently changed governing motorized bikes.

    Please help with info if you have anything to offer!