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    I'm Jon aka Gamma. Motorized bikes rule. I've been bmx and mountain biking since i was a kid, and thought it would be majorly awesome to build a motor bike. I wanted a motorcycle, but cant afford one, so I decided to build my own!

    In my area it's illegal to ride on the street without a helmet, motorcycle license and insurance, registration etc, so I painted it entirely black, removed all of the reflectors, and have become somewhat of a motorbike ninja in my town. I have masks that I wear, and have even reengineered the chain tensioner for bumpy rides (like when i drive through yards and offroad when evading local law enforcement). I remember being in Panama City, Florida and noone cared if you rode around town, but in my economically depressed area, you pretty much have to 'just do it'. nike.

    viva la resistance! :D

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    Very interesting, but WELCOME to Motoredbikes! So you are on an HT?
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    im not sure what you mean by HT, but i'm guessing you might be talking about the motor? if that's the case, i bought the engine kit off of ebay from boygofast. i'm pretty sure it's just an ordinary, mass produced 80(66)cc 2stroke with cheapo parts. i wont complian though because it has great compression and hauls *** with 93 octane gas (well it did b4 either the cdi or magneto failed). for about $120 with shipping!

    i'd like to upgrade it with a centrifugal clutch adapter and a pull starter that i saw online for 40 bucks for the set.

    the only major problem that i had was the underengineered tensioner. no matter how much i tightened it, it just wouldnt stay in place (probably because of how i ride), and it got caught in my spokes and wrecked me so bad one time that i had found myself mangled in the bike frame on the ground struggling to free myself while the engine was cooking my leg! hahaha. later, after a couple of attempts, i succeeded im constructing a tensioner that uses a spring to pull the chain in place, and unlike the stationary one, it moves to loosen and tighten while still doing it's job.

    people kinda laughed at the bike because it's kind of ghetto-fied, but i think deep down they all want one because theyre AWESOME! :D
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    Second opportunity to post a Youtube find:

    dangit, still didn't embed....needs Judychoppin'.

    Anyway, your accident sounds like that Texasninja that kept getting banned, what was his name? Your spelling is a lot better, however !
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    it looks like the code is right, i think the site has disabled the script probably because people with dial up would get bogged out. links work tho, and yeah that was pretty ridiculous!

    nah, i'm not from texas, and i'm not going to get banned. i live about 50 miles from washington dc
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    Defective memory chips, I thought the guy was "TurboChaos" /Kaos, or something like that.

    But the memberlist proves me wrong.

    Anyway, I thought his TexNinji posts were fun, and his accidents were colorful, (mostly red).