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Jul 10, 2008
The GEBE crew is touted as super-friendly and helpful, but...

I am interested in their Robin-Subaru 35 cc kit and noticed in the customer 'review' pics some of their clients have attached what's apparently add-on mufflers of some kind.

I emailed asking how the buyers actually attached these mufflers to the engines. The reply skipped my inquiry and told me I could buy a "tip" for $5.00 extra to point the soundwaves downward。。。and that I must be talking about this device.

I responded thanking them for the mail but repeating that their pics showed external mufflers and asking how they were attached, whether ports were threaded or what. One reviewer actually said (and showed) he ran copper piping under his engine, etc. No reply.

Then I mailed telling them the kit I want to buy, but saying a poster on this forum stated that he bought an add-on muffler from them for same kit and that it worked well. I wanted to verify the availability of the muffler.
No response.

Sooo... are mufflers a s e n s i t i v e topic with GEBE people? Have I violated some important protocol? I was super nice in all my correspondence.

Thanks for comment or advice. It's a little hard to send money to folk that won't talk. Maybe it's a cultural divide, but down here in Deep South, it just ain't friendly. :)

Umeboshi 梅干し 
An aftermarket muffler for an EH035 can cause the engine to overheat, and will most definately void your warranty. It comes to no suprise to me that they are not helpful in this matter. I would go with the tip, or proceed on your own with caution.
well...i just popped in and see...that you haven't posted in the topics asking the people who DO know the answers...

i won't recommend any mods to the stock exhaust on a 4-stroke utility engine of any kind, but i bet if you go ask some of the folks who have had success, you'll find what you seek :)
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Thanks, Stinger and Augidog...

I did read much of the available material on the forum about mufflers but was, frankly, overwhelmed. I did not anticipate warping so suddenly into rocket science, "expansions chamber" physics, and "tuned pipes." Wow. It seemed alternately that I could do the muffler, couldn't do the muffler, and then could do it.

Anyway, I spoke too soon abut GEBE...this evening there was a GEBE reply waiting in my mail. They said there are no aftermarket mufflers available for 4-stroke engines....those in the pics, he said, were put on 2 strokes...which all the lit I read when I first came here seemed to suggest was the most difficult???

So apparently if the 4 stroke 35 cc is loud, I can stuff kleenex in my ears -- without expansion chamber ?? :)

Thanks for the replies...

oh...if this was about sound-levels with the EHO35, quit worrying...it's a sweet lil engine and very quiet :cool:
Yes, My EHO35 is quiet and fairly low pitched as I cruise at 22 -23 mph. I actually have grown accustomed to it's growl.
I want to make mine louder so I can be kewl like all the 4 cylinder escorts, festivas, and sentras that have a HUGE loud exhaust and a giant fin on the back to aid in handeling at sonic speeds.
...So apparently if the 4 stroke 35 cc is loud, I can stuff kleenex in my ears -- without expansion chamber ?? :)
Expansion pipes is only for 2-strokes.
You could put one for a four, but it wouldn't have quite the same effect.

I tried to make an additional muffler for mine and it had problems with the silicone coupling, but even at that--the extra muffler didn't seem to make much difference.

There could be a lot of noise coming right off the engine itself; look for the posts about sticking pieces of silicone in-between every other cylinder fin, which quiets the ringing of the engine.... (-this is something I meant to try with mine and never got around to-)
this simply isn't a problem with the EHO35, the only thing you hear is the exhaust itself.