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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RMWdave, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. RMWdave

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    alright. im seriousley at a loss. this is a rant thread.

    i had my bike in a running good state for about 3 days, then the mag spun. junk.
    rode it another week out of time until i decided, hey i bet i can get this warenteed in a week turnaround.

    no ****in way, i sent the engine and never got the replacment for 2 weeks. without rings.

    so i tell him to just send me a set of rings, sure, np lettermail them. (lettermail from toronto takes 3 days to get here?

    its now been a total of 9 days since i began my 3 day wait for piston rings.

    all the while, i am convinced that i need the bike sold to buy a new mtb and build a push trailer, i wish i had of found this ****ing site in the first place.....

    can anyone overnight a set of 68cc piston rings to me ill get you back later.. im so ****in broke right now i cant even afford to eat, cant pay to go to work, and cant get a decent job in town where i live because everyone is ******* french and i dont speak it.

    i cant get welfare because my landlady has the woll pulled over their eyes paying her boyfriend and kids way through the house.

    i just wish i cold sell this ****ing THING.

  2. Mountainman

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    sorry to hear this Dave
    I know that these little Happy Times are the only THING in town for the ((slim money))
    do wish that for ones such as you
    they would at least run for 2,500 miles trouble free --------- 90 % of the time
    this is truly -- not too much to ask !!!
    I have been riding two wheels with motors for a long time
    have bought many many new and used
    all -- I am saying all -- have taken me well beyound the 2,500 trouble free mark......
  3. OCLandspeeder

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    I'm very sorry about your situation. I don't even have a MB yet so I can't be of much help.

    If I were in your shoes, I would contact the various sights who sell engines and ask them if they could donate you the parts you need. What have you got to loose?

    At the very least, you can pedal your bike to get to places.
  4. biken stins

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    You have a PM.
  5. Mountainman

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    did you take this issue to the Vendor Review section ??
    this companies name needs to be put up in lights
  6. machiasmort

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    No doubt MM, I've been slimed and know the feeling all too well.

    I wish I had a few bucks to send him. The M.O. would cost almost more than I could afford to give. Make sure if your late on the rent you let her (landlady) know why you can't file and if necessary the Judge too!

    Mic the inside of the cylinder bore and check arround town. Be careful then of the ring thickness, you might find something close enough to make it work,(like I did).
  7. RMWdave

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    well, one of our members has kindly global fedex'd me a set of rings that shall arrive tomorrow.
    and honestly, words cannot express how grateful i am to biken steins! (ps when the rings from the vendor come ill send them back your way so you still have the extras)

    ride tomorrow! hopefully!
    i also got some regular nuts at work to put on the head studs and leave the acorns for dressups.
  8. machiasmort

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    Now all we need to do is keep our fingers crossed that they fit properly! I hope you have better luck then I did because I found out the hard way, not all rings fit the same HT's, just because it's the same CC don't mean a thing!

    That was nice of stins and examplifies the comerodery here! These guy's are great!

    Good luck man!

    Don't know your method of payment for the auction, but you have 30 days to dispute the auction. Not worth it if you paid M.O. unless the auction details a return policy, then you've got a case. If you used PP you can file a dispute. If you can corner him in the process (through dispute corospondence) PP will debit his account and return your money! In that case I would take the clutch pads and magneto out and send it back w/o rings or a piston! "I don't know"?, "I never started it"? "Glad I noticed it didn't have rings!" Could have been worse!

    My feed back would read something like (and you could cut and paste this), Rcvd 2 bad mtrs frm sllr/rfses to contct me, sells junk! Give him all the negative possible!
  9. eastwoodo4

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    stins is the man!!
  10. Mountainman

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    only been said on site a (( VERY FEW TIMES )) BY MM

    all can check if they wish
    I have not said this about many on site
    although most here are more than cool
    only a few stand out such as ((((((((((stins))))))))))

    not trying to blow any smoke up any tail pipes here

    just stating the facts as seen from up top the mountain

  11. machiasmort

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  12. RMWdave

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    lol nice