watch out for cars



after riding motorcycles for 26 years on the road and being suspicious about left turn vehicles,now ive gotta keep an eye on the vehicles turning about a turn of events.keep an eye out for cars turning right in your travel path.they think your going slower than what you really are.i was driving to the right of the road and a car was passing me i was going about 20 miles an hr,the car 30 she even looked at me.then she just turned very quickly in front of me no signal no warning,lucky i am experienced and had good brakes jeez...........


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Dec 15, 2006
Fountain Hills, AZ
I have been riding bikes forever it seems (bought my first mountain bike in 1981 !)and am used to cars doing stupid things
I try to ride like I see them, but they don't see me
but sometimes carp happens
I was on my way to work in a snow storm once (1987) and had a chick in a mini pickup pull over and stop in front of me (no signal or anything),I hit some ice and rear-ended her so hard she broke the back window of the truck with her head and then had the nerve to get out and scream at me while I was laying in the bed of her truck... snapped my frame in two (the last really expensive bike I ever bought)

sorry for rambling, but be wary of cagers !!!


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Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI
This feels a little OT to me :? , so if it ends up in Off Topic thats okay :p .
for 9 or 10bux at any bike store, you can get this dandy little mirror, that simply clips on to your glasses:


actual picture of what's behind:

cars passing me and then making a sudden right turn gets my blood boiling :censored: :censored: . after making contact w/two cars, and countless close-calls, this has been a very wise investment. You can see cars approaching, and you can clearly see the turn signal (if they have the brains to use them)


Yeah, beware the constant death match in the war between two and four wheels.

I had a guy run up on me yesterday on the freeway (on the "big bike") and he hit the brakes at the last second...I mean a foot max from rearending me @ 70 mph (my speed, I have no idea how fast he was going). Then after he backed off, he got another run and tried to pass me on the right on the break down lane! I used my superior acceleration to toy with him until he finally backed off and then I guess he got the message from Mrs. Joe who was signalling with one finger and turned around shooting death rays out of her eyes.....

So far, no problems on the motored bike, mostly because I ride it in a VERY rural setting.


I ride mine in LA, I dont really worry about people stopping suddenly in front me, I give enough room to avoid it.

What annoys me is people passing too close, seriously their car brushes my jacket. i was hit in the shoulder by a mirror the other day.

This wasnt a problem when my engine was running better and i could keep up with the cars at 40MPH