Watch out if your riding in New York City

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    thats freaky.
    I watched the 2007 version, even freakier...
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    I saw this video before, what a real shame. It was obvious he was looking for someone to prey upon. The worst part, is the crooked cops commenting that the cop was "doing his job" LOL.
  4. NunyaBidness

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    I bet the reason this video is coming up again is because the cop involved has been indicted.
  5. Mountainman

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    yes -- saw this on tv last night here on the west coast

    if there would have been no video
    this cop and his jerk cops friends would still be laughing today

    I will talk the truth in these matters
    my father was the asst cheif of pooolice
    he told me stories about corrupt cops who would beat people down for no reason
    one time a cop working with him told him to shoot a black man in cold blood
    my father told the other cop to shut up -- he wasn't going to shoot anyone

    most cops are good -- but -- some are evil

    this guy on the bicycle should get a lot of money
    but -- if he would have been killed -- what good is money ?

    he will once again be able to ride that THING
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    That caused me to remember something. About 15 years ago I hired a guy in my business that had recently retired from the local force after 20 years. He was only in his mid-forties and wanted to embark on a second career. Nice guy, not a brute or bully type in the least, degree in Criminal Justice, well read.
    He worked out very well for us, a very good employee.

    One night near closing we were chatting and I asked him if he missed being a cop.
    He kinda changed a little, physically tensed up, a little excited and answered:

    "Just one thing, the adrenalin rush".

    He went on to explain he got that rush during any routine traffic stop, but more at night, because you never knew who it was in that car, flashlight and hands ready, sidle up close to the stopped vehicle, watch the hands, remember the training and hours at the range.

    He surprised me. I really think the only thing missing in his 20 years of service was he didn't have to shoot anyone.
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    yes--good and bad every where

    thinking about our state governors --- most are a good honest lot
    then a few in the news lately -- VERY EMBARRASSING !!!!!!

    they may go to prison ----------------------- ride many of those things
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    I wish the next rider in the pack would have drawn a line and run him clean over! Like tire tracks across the badge clean over! Your right MM, he could have been killed and for no good reason.
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    Thats bad, why do the police have to do that sorta thing? These people just enjoy going out riding. Okay they do it enmasse but as their website says, they arent blocking traffic, they are traffic.
  11. Mountainman

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    I also like the thought of that

    it would have been well deserved -- by this no good pooolice person
    to have been run right over
    but -- one wouldn't want to be around when he got up
    from his actions shone -- if ran over -- I think he might come up shooting !!!

    there will always be some of these types in law enforcement
    they like to throw their weight around
    and some just enjoy beating a person down...

    actually -- many are down right strange ones
    while working for the City many years ago
    our Storeroom Clerk was on the list so as to become a City Cop
    while waiting to become a Cop he volunteered for the Sheriff's Dept
    he would volunteer his weekends working out in the back country
    many a time on Monday this guy -- Red was his name
    Red would come in to work at the storeroom and brag to all of us

    I had long hair at the time -- I'll never forget the day when he came in
    and told me the story of beating the heck out of some LONGHAIR PUNK

    just had to come back and add this --
    the Monday morning good old Red came in and told us all the story
    of how he had pulled over a drunk Indian over the weekend
    it was dark back on one of our country roads
    he smiled as he told us how as he was beating this man
    blood was flying all over the place

    just my opinion -- I think RED enjoyed that MORE THAN SEX

    Red was a freak -- that should NEVER BE A COP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ride that thing
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    No doubt MM, SOme of these guy's put on the Super Hero Uniform and become the criminals themselves. Lucky for us it's the minority. I've got a feeling this will get worse tho as the economy tightens and they get squeezed for more revenue. In the end my friend, we all stand before the same judge. I'm not affraid of him, because I try to do the right thing. I was young and stupid, I asked for knowledge of him. He answered and boy, did that knowledge come with a price. The smarter you are the more he expects of you. Ignorance really is bliss!
  13. Mountainman

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    yes -- the fear of God is a good THING

    took me a very long time to realize
    a fool is one who fools himself
    don't want to be fooled when -- all knees will bow
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    Ok, I must admit to being anti-religion.
    Not that I am anti-god or spirituality.
    We're off topic, But Organised religion is generally run for the profit
    of the few. always has, always will...:evilgrin:

    my 2cents (AU).
  15. NunyaBidness

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    That's what I thought, until I learned the truth. When I learned how to study the Bible that's when I learned the Truth.
    You're right on target with "...Organised religion is generally run for the profit of the few." and that is because there is an enemy out there trying to mislead as many as he can. The majority of people will be misled. Much like the cop in the original video is misled in his beliefs. It only takes a very little bit to lose out in the long run though.
  16. Mountainman

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    Dumb Cop should repent

    that's where the main sin came in -- and back to topic

    this cop -- maybe not a cop for long
    broke one of the main commandments

    not to get too righteous here Mountainman
    most of us have done the same --- maybe as I -- many times ?

    but -- to repent and not do it again

    here's one that is kind of hard to understand
    we don't have to LIKE our neighbor
    but we do need to LOVE them

    I'll think about that as I ride that THING
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