Watch the neighbor's junk... it's not junk!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by s_beaudry, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. s_beaudry

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    Went out Tuesday night for a MB ride and saw one of the neighbors about 10 houses away was throwing out a weedwacker in the garbage. It looked pretty new to me, so I knew I had to make a return trip after dark and take it from the garbage.

    Would not start of course, so started checking it out and found the primer bulb had a cut in it... so, swung by the local True Value this morning, paid $1.49 for a new bulb, came home and cleaned the carb and replaced it, pulled it once and she fired right up!

    Think it is a Wal Mart special, it is a Poulon XT200, maybe ~23cc or so, but purrs like a kitten...... and all this for $1.49!

    Sometimes junk is really not junk...

  2. Gungatim

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    I do that all the time. In the spring, you can drive through neighborhoods and people stick their old lawnmowers that won't start down by their trash at the end of the driveway. I picked up two of them this year, one only needed the pickup screen in the gas tank cleaned and started right up. I sold it for $60. The other was junk but I scored a ton of extra parts. Never know when you need a coil, or carb or something. I love scrounging!
  3. rkbonds

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    My entire bike trailer and engine were all thrown out by someone. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Last week I picked up a complete metal roof for a small storage building someone had thrown out, it had never been put together.:cool:
  4. ZnsaneRyder

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    That's nice! What kind of engine?
  5. rkbonds

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    weedeater brand 23cc
  6. Simonator

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    There is nothing wrong wiht garbage picking! THe user "davidsfarm" on youtube got rich doing it.
  7. brisbane_boy

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    yer my neighbour was throwin away his weed wacker the other day. i took it replaced the fuel lines cleaned the carby and it was all good. free whipper snipper. i think its only like 16cc or sumthing real small but cant complain.
  8. s_beaudry

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    Well... took off the plastic housing and it looks like this thing does NOT even have a clutch, I am guessing it is just a direct drive setup??

    So the thoughts of a friction drive motor are done with.... BUT now I have another idea!

    The driveshaft is about 3 feet long and flexible, so I am thinking of making it into a pitching machine, here is my idea...

    I jb welded the driveshaft into the end of the crank as it is about a 4mm square end shaft. I will make a mount for the motor and run the driveshaft straight out and jb weld on a 4" wheel onto the shaft and then do a 180 degree turn with the shaft and mount another wheel right above the first one, this will give me two wheels lined up spinning in opposite directions. I will run a pvc tube down to the wheels at an angle and just drop the balls (maybe wiffle balls???) and see how it works.

    Think it will work?