watch those bike seats guys!!

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    so i had no idea what the heck a perineum was, i thought that was a flower, anyways it turns out that on a regulair bike seat your perineum is compressed by the seat, when i have logged an impressive average of 2-3 hours a day on my bike, and now i have the entire right side of my "jewels" are numb, 100% NUMB! so i am going to stop riding for a bit and pray the feeling returns, i have also lost feeling on the insides of both my uper calfs and the entire right side of my "shaft" so i really hope i dont have perminent nerv damage, i already have tinitus from my stupid ipod now this? bah i probly have more health problems than all you 50+ men out there! what is this? where did i go wrong!! but **** i love my bike and i just dont want to stop riding, i already got one of those huge seats but it hasnt helped, anyways watch yourselfs guys be carfeull with your seats, i never knew the thing i loved most would turn on me, but then again thats what my ipod did, well here is the site, have a look

    and heres another

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    That is why I like my electra townie... it puts the rider in a very comfortable position. Sorry to hear about your numb shaft... thats a bummer. thanks for the heads up.
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    It is with candor and a bit of humor that you discuss this, a potentially hazardous condition. Good you've raising awareness and with that I hope the problem abates.

    Reading the second article talks about some saddle choices that make sense.
    It also occurs to me that with a MB perhaps it's possible to mitigate the problem a bit. Pedaling a bicycle from the seat for long distances is the main culprit. When I ride my MBs I've formed the habit of placing the cranks in a horizontal default position, at 9 and 3 o'clock so to speak, acting as a platform where I can un_weight myself off the saddle, primarily for bumps and such, but now with this in mind maybe I'll do it more regularly.
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    Careful there Sparky, you may end up with a new nickname!

    Thanks for the heads up, so to speak, and I hope it all returns to normal--I ride my mt. bike 10 or miles most weeks and have never encountered such a sensation. Back in my college drinking days, we were cautioned about "Saturday night palsy" which can be the result of passing out with your arms or legs over the back of a chair or in other cramped positions that reduce blood flow. Usually the effect was mild (so they said) similar to having a hand or foot "asleep," but in serious cases, loss of blood flow can lead to permanent nerve damage. My uncle referred to the condition as "the jake leg." Better check with your physician and make sure it ain't something else and you're not giving the motored bike a bad rap. Good luck.
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    Look at it this way- probably no fish swimin' after the beating they've been through, so think of all the money you could save on condoms.

    You know those seats with the springs on them, how well do those work? I'm thinking For my bike I'm going to want an extra cushy seat.
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    Like the guys in the Tour de France, you must move a slight amount every now and then.
    I have to slide forward an inch on the seat for a while and then back to maintain circulation and reduce pain when riding my road bicycle in events like the MS 150.
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    I thought a perineum was a flower too, don't feel bad. poor guy. And so young too.

    My heart goes out to you and your jewels.
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    I've got 4 kids and I'm out of that game- the numbing effect is probably for the best.
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    I hear ya on that on HM...2 grandkids are enough, and I ain't goin through that again LOL