Water Bottle Used As Spare Gas Tank ?

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    Yes, that is what I keep wanting to do -- use my water bottle as a spare gas tank.. I had thought that this was working perfect - until a rubber o-ring in my water (gas) bottle broke down and melted.. I am trying a different water bottle now - has no o-ring.. Anyone heard of a gas tank made that fits into a water bottle holder ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman

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    Thank you ZevO -- I should have known there was a thread !! I went to the site -- yes, the bottle I should be using.. Along with some other places - Wal Mart is mentioned - I would guess in the sporting goods ? Looks like the width on all size bottles is the same -- so all sizes fit into water bottle holders ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I used a walmart aluminum water bottle for past year or so. I don't have a bottle holder on my bike and used velcro tiedowns and doublesided tape to mount it to frame. DS tape is necessary or bottle will wear paint.
  5. I got my water bottle at the Army/Navy store. It came in different colors and I got the black one. Price was just a bit over a buck.
    The plastic used to mold this water bottle is the same number (inside the triangle symbol) which is 3....(i need to check to be sure) as in my plastic red gas tank container you find everywhere so I bought it.
    Then I filled it with gas and left it for two days.
    No leaks and holds it well.
    It looks good,doesn't look like anyone would want to steal it so I don't have to smuggle it in a store when I go shopping and people would think there's just nasty water in there and it only costed me a buck and some change. It also holds the same amount of gas as my tank!
    Epic win!!

    And the MSR fuel bottle you would find in sporting goods stores. I haven't seen Wal Mart carrying them. And it's like 12 bucks,yo.

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    That's great to know about the army canteen being compatible with gas. I hated drinking out of those things because they always made the water taste like plastic.
    A great tip and a cheaper way to carry spare fuel.
  7. Remember though the MSR bottle that actually says "Fuel" on it is the LEGAL way to go.
    But gas stations haven't said a thing when I fill up my bottle. Just don't forget to tell them "Please stop it at a dollar" so the gas will flow out of the pump slowly.
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    water bottle

    One thing to be aware of is that the chemicals in Gas and Oil can break down the plastic over time in my race car i only keep fuel in the plastic container for the day of racing its not likely to break down over night but just something to be aware of .
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    I found the Alum. Fuel Bottles at Academy Sports for only $4.00 ( off brand timberline)
    But thats a good price !!!!!
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    If you use the MSR fuel bottles, I found that the standard aluminum bottle cage will fail eventually, especially when using the large 33 oz. bottle. The Topeak adjustable cage works much better and holds the bottle much more securely. I went through several bottle cages and lost a bottle before I found this out. http://topeak.com
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    excellent point made ((may be safty issue))

    that was an excellent point made above
    one that I had over looked

    even while using just the standard size plastic water bottle for my gas
    many months ago now -- as mentioned above

    leaving a sharp edge rubbing into plastic bottle
    I didn't know better -- bought another of the same cage
    I'll be watching this one

    plastic bottle full of gas
    worn through by broken cage
    could -- not saying it will -- but could end in a fireball -- hot balls of fire

    ride those things
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    Later that day at the Emergency Room

    So tell me how you cought your #SS on fire ...
    Well It was from carrying gas in a water bottle and ...........................

    talk about jacked-up I saw this girl riding a small honda schooter on the interstate in Dallas rush hour traffic.. If thats not bad enough she was only going about 40 MPH riding with one hand and talking on the cell phone with the other hand..

    Could be a future recepient of the Darwin awards...

    just when you thing you seen it all !!!!
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    leaving a sharp edge rubbing into plastic bottle
    I didn't know better -- bought another of the same cage
    I'll be watching this one

    Mine both broke at the welds, I wouldn't EVER use the aluminum cages again, not worth the risk!
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    The very first gas containers I used were OVERPRICED, Swiss made, double lined metal.

    The hardest "find" were plastic drink bottles with wide mouths, but with all the roadside litter, sometimes a keeper would jump into view.

    But thanks to some customer experimentation, and spoiled by having saddlebags on my red cruiser and now my blue recumbent, 33 oz. mouthwash bottles have been a winner. I've not noticed any plastic breakdown, no leaks at the twist on lid. (yet)

    In picture 2, I found that rectangular plastic packaging (with the two mouthwash bottles) at a store, it held beef jerky. When I cut the top off it, it fits two bottles into the saddlebag with no spillage, including when I pull up at the gas pumps.

    There is also an old wide mouth drink bottle I guess I've had over a year, and another acceptable carrier in the saddlebag, a 48 oz. vegetable oil bottle.

    Bigger bottles are really handy on medium (2-300 mile) trips, where you can carry more pre-mixed fuel for the 2 cycle engines, (not as important with the 4 stroke.)

    Another customer claims plastic liquor bottles work well.

    The mouthwash & vegetable plastic seems to be a heavier grade, and the wide mouth/long neck on the mouthwash bottle really aids "no spill" fill-ups on the side of the road.

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    I found

    Some great fuel bottles real cheap at Academy sports.
    They are Ozark Trails brand (kinda like a colmen knock-off)
    Aluminim and painted red only cost a few dollers each.
    and they dont leak...
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    I think I get too thirsty and absent minded to fill my water bottle with gas.
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    Plastic liquor bottles would prolly work. 34 oz would be pretty nice.

    Maybe a Powerade bottle. Haven't actually seen one in a while, but it would be the bare minimum.