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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by andyinchville1, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. HI All,

    In an effort to extract more performance out of our engines I have disassembled my helpers engine (yes his, in case I couldn't get it back together...but don't tell him!) to see what makes them tick....

    In looking at the relative thinness of the cylinder walls and the relatively small cooling fins, I was thinking to myself it may be a good idea to improve cooling before applying power enhancing techniques (more power equals more heat)...Has anybody here ever considered modifying the cylinder / cylinder head to make it water cooled (may be just as simple as boxing in the cyl jug and head....Do the water cooled dirt bike engines employ a water pump or do they just rely on natural heat convection through the cooling system?


  2. Junkologist

    Junkologist Guest

    I think the added weight of the coolant and extra parts would negate any benefits derived from the modification.

  3. gauge

    gauge Guest

    it would be alsome to put a kx 65 cc 2 stroke on a bike with that close ratio 6 speed it would fly. but mounting the radator would get interesting
  4. OK, IMO I think we need to look at the pocket bike engines and go from there or even better make a "made-in-U.S.A." kit.

    But I think starting with something along these lines is in order.
    P.B.U.-10.0 This engine is just perfect.

    PocketbikesUnlimited just has some awesome looking engines and I would love to see them run to see what they can do.
  5. Lowell

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    Now that would be a good amount of power for a bike, but how long will a 10+hp motor last?
  6. Actually I'm not a big fan of liquid cooling on little engines just because of all the added stuff but that is a nice engine (they have others).

    Pocket bikes have a large selection of cranks, pistons, heads, carbs and so on so all we need is a good solid crankcase and a gear reduction setup with a pull start that is out of the way(I can tell how it could be done-(90%pullstart)
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  7. 10+ HP on a bicycle?.....Sweeeeet!....I think we would have a Death Race winner!
  8. That 10hp motor looks pretty solid. 10 hp would need a multispeed gearbox though.
  9. Working on it! ;-O
  10. multispeed

    im working on gettin a 3 or 4 speed honda moped gearbox onto my gxh50 motor, so if you hit any breakthroughs with your multispeed project let me know.
  11. All those pocket bike engines need is a good gear reduction to put them within useable range for use on a bike, a custom mount and a chain conversion.All this can be done now.
    My Wifes motoredbike is an experiment right now with a pocket bike engine, CVT trans with a slight gear reduction I should have it running in about two weeks.

    I still think they are to wide with the pull start and gearbox so maybe a wide crank kit that is used for the 4-stroke motoredbike setups could be used.Or get rid of the pull start on them to narrow them and put a manual clutch on it for the pedal start option.The pull start could possibly be moved and turned 90% kind of like what has been done to RC engines.

    I myself dont care so much about having the max HP but rather the overall quality/reliability/consistancy of the engine plus those engines just look great.

    Actually I'd like to see a custom crankcase made for use on bikes but uses pocket bike engine components.
  12. rcjunkie

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    Small copper tubing wrapped around the cylinder head is the simplest way to "water cool' these engines and I have seen it done before. You would need a small radiator, an electric water pump, and some tubing and Viola! water cooled engine. The hard part would be ensuring you have sufficient flow to rapidly dissipate the heat.
  13. amiga65

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    Way back when, I read in a VW magazine about a guy who welded sheet metal around the vw jugs to top and bottom fins drilled or nothed center fins and made water cooled vw Now vw jugs don't have exhaust or intake ports in them but guess a good welder could seal around the ports.
  14. Victor Vance

    Victor Vance Member

    I can get one of these engine pretty cheap.Its a Chinese model called pollini. Im thinking of putting on onto my BMX.