Water proof Magneto coil and Cdi

Wevil Knievel

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12:11 PM
Apr 5, 2021
Ever suffer the Heartbreak of water damage to your Magneto or cdi? ( wahh wahh wahhh..)

Well fear no more. I figured out a way to make your Magneto and cdi almost waterproof.

Use Liquid tape or engine sealant silicone gasket stuff to paint very thin layer around the Magneto and the plates surrounding the Magneto.

Apply in very thin layers so as not to disturb the dimension of it, so that it does not fit into the Magneto housing properly. Or rub on the stator.

I went motored (80cc)mountain bike riding with my friend this weekend and we decided to try this and it worked pretty well actually. Both of the cdis and both of the coils are still firing and we ran those things through so much water it wasn't even funny. Oh and a dab of sealant in The Wire hole to keep the water out there also works very well.
i tried that and water still got in but i did not try all the way around it, were you in a down pour or water the trail just wet?