wavy's golden eagle review!



i cannot begin to tell you all how pleased i am with the golden eagle robin subaru engine & drive train! the shipping was absolutely impecable, & the detailed instruction book was great, but ya really didnt need it because its so simple to install. this system is so smooth, quiet,greaseless & trouble free it blows me away. an easy 28 -30 right out of the box pullin 2 on our tandem! today i filled up at the pump for 55 cents the looks i got were pricelss!! oh yes totally american kit. if its the last thing ya do in life as motored biker please ride a golden eagle, you wont be disapointed! & no im not a vendor!! just a very pleased customer!!:D:D:D
_Wavy I have to also agree. While on vacaton last week I put mine to the test. I went on a 110 mile round trip @ 20 mph (6 hrs) without shutting the engine down. I refueled (every 20 miles carrying extra fuel) in only 20 seconds with the engine running. Ive heard rumors that these RS engines will run all day long, so I took it to the test. Ive heard to only run 4 strokes for a few hrs, but then it would'nt be a test.
_On my return my HT looked sad. So I took it out on a 15 min run. My rear end could'nt take another minute. If doing a long trip again, I definetly would have a large fuel tank because this engine CAN run all day long.... O' also a big a$$ seat.


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Wavy, we have a tandem in the garage and you have me thinking. What did you do about the throttle cable and the kill switch cable? For my wife and daughter I am thinking eho25 (but not in the immediate future).
astring go for the 35 its the bomb! you wont be disapointed! keep us posted, tandems rock!!
Every married couple needs a tandem bike.
Wavy,that bike is beyond sweet.
You're gonna stay married forever!