way to prove your 48cc engine is below 1kw (when it really isn't!)

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  1. monster

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    so in Frank Auton's golden eagle site he talks about all the hurdles to getting your motor type approved, plated and insured in the UK.


    one of the things he mentioned is that you have to be below 1kw to come under the low powered moped category and above this it is impossibly hard. this is not possible for us 50cc engines nor would we want it.

    however we could fake it. i learnt that if you alter the fuel mix you can alter the performance of your engine to below 1kw. when i first ran my bike i used not enough oil and it was very slow. we could use this in the dynamometer test to fake a low power 1kw engine. we could stamp a "1." in front of where it says 2hp on the engine stamp.

    then we could get the certificate ?

  2. monster

    monster New Member

    or would it be best to buy an old broken moped and swap the plates on to your bike?
  3. SirJakesus

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    I would rather make some kind of restriction device or even leave slack in the throttle cable so you can only half throttle it rather than not putting enough oil in the engine. ouch!
  4. monster

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    thats a good idea
  5. BSA

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    If you can claim that the maximum speed to 6K/H you can completley avoid a MSVA test. You could even limit the engine if they requested an inspection, I'd take it off strait away though.

    These engines aren't plated so you could lie about the capacity. You wouldn't even need to engrave a plate, just create some documentation. PM me if you wan't some more information.

    As for MSVA, one of these things would never get through the test. So long as it was made 10 years ago your MSVA exempt. I'm sure you could get someone to vouch for that claim.

  6. BSA

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    of course, you got your engine from transformer cycles, yours will have a plate in that case. I would just remove it ASAP.
  7. monster

    monster New Member

    what about buying an old moped and swapping the plates? would that work?
  8. monster

    monster New Member

    so would this get me a V5 certificate? how do i do this?