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  1. vuyo

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    sup yall im Vuyo from South Africa
    I have a chopped BMX and im instorling a Active 55cc 2stoke engine in it
    will post pics as soon as i can.
    nice meeting you guyz :grin5:

  2. MotoMagz

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    Welcome and waaaazuuuup!I love that Budwieser comercial.
  3. vuyo

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    Had a bit of time on my hands last saterday so i built a beach cruiser out of a bmx.
    I got the BMX for :R60
    6m 25 mill tubing :R52
    wellding rods :R45
    X4 grinder cutting blades :R40
    55cc 2 stroke aircooled engine: allways had
    Time: free
    This is what i got for R197
    started on the primary transmission its running a 10 - 12 teeth combo excuse the **** welding

    I reposishined the engine
    the handle bars are from a mx bike
    got rid of the BMX seat and got this old post office bicycle seat i think it looks pritty cool ,it's also a 100 percent leather