WC-1 Carb Adjustment

Whizzer 58

Jan 26, 2008
The bike is running very well, it has a nice idle and throttle responce but I have not taken it out for a ride because of the bad weather we have in Michigan.
I would like to know if I have the air mixture screw set OK, it's 1- 1/2 turns out, the carb was cleaned when I first got the bike.
I checked the sparkplug and it's pure black with carbon, I wonder if that's because it hase not been run a lot, it only has 19 miles on it. thanks


Black plug

Hi 58, you cannot do a good plug read on an engine with 19 miles that's been started, and started, and started and not run enuf to warm it up good.

The Whizzer is believed to be fully broken in at around 500 miles, so you can see that we have no hope that your rings are seated?

If you get a chance to run your bike about 5 miles, and shut it off running at about 1/3 throttle, or even just idled down (no long idleing), let it fully cool down, and you'll see how it's running.

For Idle mixture, I'd make about 5 miles, let it idle about 30-45 seconds, and shut-down LET COOL, and check plug.

This is NOT carved in stone, neither exact factory advise, this is just how I would do a bike myself.