WC-1 Engine revs high


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Aug 11, 2008
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Hi All,

I searched for an answer to this but didn't find it.

I pulled the needle housing out of my carb and the C-clamp was already on the 3rd notch from the top (service manual says factory setting is 4th from top). I moved the clamp up one notch, dropping the needle one, and put it back in. Well, that made coasting much faster, but when I disengage the clutch, the engine revs high.

I reset the needle back to the position it was in before I messed with it, but the engine is still revving high with the clutch disengaged. I noticed the throttle on the handle no longer defaults to fully closed with my hand off it - it's slightly open, which explains the situation.

Am I seating the sleeve back in the carb wrong? I exercised the throttle with the needle housing out and it works fine. I'm careful with the W-spring and coiled spring replacement. When facing the bike from the right side, I think the wider gap on the sleeve faces away from me, thus letting the sleeve drop within the top of the carb fully.

Suffice it to say, it appears my motor was already "tweaked" before I bought the bike, and my "tweaking" messed something up.


p.s. these bikes are FUN!
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Hello and welcome Byron
Is there any chance of you posting a couple of pictures of the slide with the throttle cable attached? Is the slide all the way down when you look into the carb from the air cleaner side? If it is not the slide is 180 degrees out and need to be rotated to go all the way in. Please lets us know how you make out.

I experimented with rotating the sleeve and how it's position affects the throttle position. When the cable-slot is facing right, the throttle handle is reversed, meaning you have to rotate the top towards you to lift the needle. When the cable-slot if facing left, or away from the choke lever, you rotate the top of the throttle away from you, but at rest, it defaults to where you can slightly rotate the top towards you.

I believe the cable-slot in the sleeve originally faced left, since I would rotate forward to open the throttle. Now it revs high at rest. I could probably fix my issue by facing the slot right and change the way I use the throttle, but would like to know what I screwed up. Maybe the coil spring needs attention?

Attached are various pics of the needle assembly, both outside and installed.


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Well, I got it fixed. I just faced the cable-slot to the right and now throttle differently than when I got the bike. Took it for a nice ride downtown where hundreds of Harleys were parked for a Blues Traveler concert at the library :D. Harley riders recognize a cool bike, and I got nice comments about it.

Now I just need to get a rear-fender tab made.. those stock tabs are ****!