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    Just wondering if there's anyone who knows for sure about the 'bare bones' schematic in the WC1 kit installation manual- the alternate to the full harness, for people that don't want to install the lighting system. It shows the green wire with a switch, the only one in the schematic. I understand that it is the kill switch for the system, but my question is: since it is shown in the open position, is it showing the 'run' position, or is it the 'kill' position? Since it is green(ground), is ground essentially a short, or is it completing the circuit? The reason that i'm asking is that I don't intend to add the switch, I was just going to use the compression lever to kill the engine. So do I close the switch with a direct connection or not connect it at all?
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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Buzz,

    The green wire from the coil must be grounded to run. If you ground the green wire from the CDI module it will stop running. The purpose of the run/stop switch is to ground the CDI to stop the spark.

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    Bare Bones

    Did you buy a bare bones wiring harness? Where did you get the schematic from?