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    So I am in need of direction and advice. I just picked up a 2001 Pacemaker II and the ignition and stop switch was cut out. That being said I could turn the motor and had power at the light and horn but no spark. Knowing that I wanted a minimal wiring harness with out the lights I cut everything but whats in the photo below.

    Can someone tell me the correct way to connect everything together? I have tied several variations but still cant get any spark. Is it a bad CDI? Bad plug? Or bad Coil?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Hi there, the kill switch on the handle bars works by grounding out the ignition. It looks like the red and black wire you have tied together might be for the kill switch. Undo them and assemble the short harness back to the bike ,hooking up the stator and crank trigger correctly. Also noticed the green coil wire is cut. Make sure that it is connected to the CDI module correctly. Good luck PerformanceWhizzer
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