"we do not ship to Canada"

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    The cure for: "we do not ship to Canada"
    Lots of vendors ship their products to their customers in the lower 48 for free.
    Some vendors do not ship to Canada at all.
    What you need is a USA address with someone who will get it through customs and ship it on to you.
    If you are in the West use these guys: http://www.dykpost.com/shipping
    If you are in the East use these guys: http://www.cpxpress.ca/
    Now you can shop Ebay, Amazon.com and the lower 48 without event.
    Get your stuff while saving hundreds on shipping and brokerage fees.
    This is typical on Amazon...."This item does not ship to Melfort, Canada. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. Learn more"
    Or, if they do ship to Canada this is typical,
    $279.99 + $153.27 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Canada Details
    I ordered a set of fender flairs for a truck off of Ebay.
    They cost $119 US
    Shipping to Canada was $125 US
    An extra $31 CDN at the border for tax and duty (made in Singapore)
    By the time the till quit ringing it was $351.00 CDN
    I could have saved over a $100 CDN if I had used the above peoples service.

    Shipping and handling
    Each additional item
    US $125.00
    US $100.00
    UPS Standard To Canada

    Estimated between Fri. Aug. 19 and Wed. Aug. 24
    Seller ships within 1 day after receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
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    Why no shipping for Canada?:rolleyes:

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    It's a foreign country and they have their own import laws just like the USA.