we need to do this one day

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by joen1861@yahoo.com, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. I know of a group of moped meetings from a moped army that dose big meets
    I would like to know dose motoredbikes.com have any thing going on here.
    I would love to do I big ride like I did back in the days with my old puch I sold long time ago. here is a link that was going on and I would love us to have a meet up like this,,,,


    I know the motor bike would is growing fest so I know we can get this and show off are rides. I know I would be whan i get this bike done and take it to a car show whan it comes up here in waxhaw North carolina....

    the only thing is I don't know how the cops would like it if it happen here do to its a 1 man rednike town

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    i cant wait for the 08 rally and what was that thing in the second video.
  6. that was a big as **** moped group ride by moped army.
    Its cool its going on in CA> But we need something north side of the USA....
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    whats crazy is in the second vid is that it is only 50cc's yes a 50cc
    8speed god knows what but it is fast iv heard of 12 speed tranmissions for these special race bikes
  8. That boy has some screws loose. I am so jealous.