We need wiring diagram for 84-85 Yamaha

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    I need Yamaha Y-80 Belle (Or any 1984/85) as long as it has CDI Electricial Diagram.

    I have removed Yamaha from Mothballs (storage) and since most electrical either had been cut-out or Bypasted. I removed Engine from Belle and set everything I could use aside.

    I used Headtube so I had turn stops and I.D stamp to match Engine I.D. Used center frame for engine mounting. Disabled auto oiler as no where to Hang Oil tank above engine. Used after repairing original wiring harness.

    Bought new key switch, Kill switch. Changed from selinium rectifier (2 wire) to Honda 4 wire so unit also has Load based voltage relay with rectifier. (ground, light, Battery, magneto or wiring codes black,green,red,white) now system will not blow bulbs.

    But would like to insure that nothing else was removed (bypassed) Also uses Hoda Boss petrol tank, vacuum assist tank valve from Yamaha fits (same threads) Honda front suspension forks added BicycleDisc brakes front and rear. Honda Boss speedometer with bicycle wheel driven sender.

    Retained 26" x 2" bicycle tire and rim added MC bearings and axle through bolt. front and rear (now one bolt to loosen to drop wheel!!) Rear wheel is 17" x 3.5" tire and wheel from MC. Also used 10g spokes here and steel (special) Bicycle rear hub.

    Bike uses 3 freewheels. One at rear wheel, one at pedal crank (relocated) and one at original BB axle on left side of bike for engine to connect. Engine via this axle transfers power to ride side of bike, and to rear wheel letting Pedals coast. reverse if movment is generated by pedalscenter freewheel lets engine coast.

    Also important here is that if in an emmergency! and engine stalls you still have control of bike without trying to find Neutral!! We did retain Neutral light, changed oil light to high beam indicator and speedometer does have light already. I added brake levers from Electric bike that have brake switch in them, or I think they call it regenitive brakeing (as you brake they kill electric engine to charge battery) Added dual Honda Boss mirrors

    Alot of work went in to test and prove everything before engine was added. We used Wheel driven Dynometer and My Original "Miller lighting" to prove out electrical. Now we have also retained black box from left handlebar to use all its functions.

    Engine has Kick start, 6V battery, complete signal and lighting systems. It is fully functional as a pedal bike, or a 4 speed 80cc Eye Catching Chopper. I have a house in Chiang Mai that the lower level has 3 full glass double doors We use as entry / garage and shop. I have have TV station filming some of the progress and will accompany us on ride to next Chopper (Bike) week in Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai. Which ever is first.

    Those of you who want to follow my lead. I have started this Thread to retain a place where you can come to ask for help, share ideas, or ask where to find special parts. I am not selling anything, I am providing a free service to those who want to cut some corners and save some time (and Money)

    This project started as a test series to installing China Bicycle motors on Handicap 3-wheelers for limited speeds but to enable more mobility and distance to their travels. We have done this and everyone said... Now we need to do special thing with this prototype Chopper Frame we had used.

    I will post picturesas we finish assembly ar add ideas to bike. Thai writing on Tank says: "Thai One On..."

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