We now know who the antichrist is

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    Note that he is not fully empowered yet.

    His dad was a tall black "Radical" from the 60s who was murdered by his fellow Chicago Muslims.
    His mom, a white girl from the pacific north west.
    His entry into politics began in the home of a communist.
    His presidential win was the day before his home state lottery number was 666.
    His residence was in Zip code 60606.
    His birthday is the 216th day (6X6X6) of the yr. (in non-leap yrs).

    The odds of these 666 co-incidences falling to one person are 3.3 trillion to one. 3.3 with the decimal point removed is 33- the highest number in the occult.

    He signed the beam in the One world tower after these words-
    We will remember
    We will rebuild
    We will come back stronger

    The double U in Hebrew is the number 6, therefore the above signed statement has three letter sixes in a vertical row-666.
    Subliminal, but there nonetheless. A clue.

    Just as the Monster drink has three letter "Vav"s (letter 6 in Hebrew across it's label. The subliminal meaning is the same.

    The antichrist is called the Beast. Not necessarily connected to the drink, just sublime conditioning.

    The presidential limo is called the Beast by it's handlers.

    "Anti" means in place of and against.

    Here are some parallels to the person above to Jesus Christ-

    People thought Jesus was the son of Joe. He was not.
    People think O is the son of the Kenyan. His is not.

    There was a divergence of opinion on the place of birth of Jesus ("no prophet comes out of Naserath" was said about Jesus).

    There is a controversy about the actual birthplace of O.

    After the birth of Jesus, no information is related until He is found in the Temple around age 12.
    No information about O is released about O until in grade school in Indonesia (around age 12?)

    There is another gap in information in the life of Jesus until the baptisim (baptisim means - immersion) of John.
    Similarly, a gap in information in the life of O exists until he is immersed in politics in the home of a communist.

    John the baptist asked if Jesus is the ONE?
    Oprah Winfrey declared O to be the ONE (she was a type of John the baptist for O, being a New ager herself).

    O was declared to be the Messiah by others.

    A replica of the temple of Zeus (satan) was erected for his inauguration address in the stadium at Denver. The mascot for the Broncos is a white stallion and the name of the horse Mohamed supposedly rode to heaven was named Barack.
    O is a muslim.

    Jesus said, He saw Satan as lightning fall from Heaven. Translated out of English to Aramatic= Satan as barak O bamah
    Barak= lightning
    from= connecting letter
    Heaven= bamah-heights

    In the book of Daniel, the fake Messiah was said to think to change times and laws.
    Note that the platform of O was CHANGE.
    The second election platform was "Forward" - a slogan of communism for decades.

    During one of his campaigns, O repeatedly said, "Yes we can".
    Played backwards, this clearly states: "Thank you satan"

    This man is due to go to Israel for the first time as pres.

    He will be there on the exact anniversary date of Jesus' "Triumphal Entry" to Jerusalem riding on a donkey.
    The symbol of the demoncratic party is a WHAT? A donkey.

    Be ready for a fake resurrection possible this month.

    In all of these things we are given parts of the puzzle, but when so many parts fit so well- the picture becomes pretty clear.
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    Last week O had dinner with twelve re- publicans.
    Jesus was critizied because he dined with publicans (free-lance tax collectors), he also had 12 disciples.
    Another mimic by the false messiah on his way to Jerusalem?

    Oh, here is one I forgot: the N.T. calls Jesus our advocate (a lawyer for an accused person).
    Wasn't O supposedly trained in law- a lawyer?
    ( supposedly- because all of his school records are hidden, plus his and his wife's law credintials have been rescinded)
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    My goodness, this gets more interesting by the day. I love it!
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    The coming trip to Israel by the Resident has been given a logo- the Unbreakable Alliance (U.S./ English).
    The same is translated, "Covenant of People/Nations" from the Hebrew logo.

    In the book of Daniel, it was prophesied that the fake Messiah would make a "Covenant with many".
    Compare the wording of the Hebrew with the prophecy.
    Same idea is conveyed.

    An insignia was created for the event by Israel.
    It is a flag waving with stripes to the left and the sign of Israel on the right.
    Observing the flag, it is composed of two uncapped pyramids (like on the dollar bill- an Illuminati design). One reversed from the other. A subliminal sign to the informed.

    O comes to Israel exactly 260 days (3 1/2 biblical yrs) from his award of the Nobel peace prize ( a prize curiously awarded to one who did nothing). Prophecy declares the antichrist comes in PEACEABLY, and by peace destroys many.

    Three and a half years is noted in bible prophecy related to antichrist.

    Remember, he arrives in time for the day of the "Triumphant Entry" anniversary.

    Here is a website I stumbled upon while looking for the details of this "covenant" - this guy has done his homework-

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    Notes on the trip to Israel by the great and powerful "O"-

    His mimic of the "Triumphant Entry" included children waving flags, singing songs and dancing before him.
    In the original processional the children waved palm branches.

    The heavily armored "Beast" of burden for O was not equipped with a fuel differentiation sensor, so it rode in to Jerusalem on the back of a tow truck, (having been fed the wrong stuff).
    Another limo was borrowed for the entry.

    O was welcomed enthusiastically by Israel, so much so that, one commentator wondered if there would be anything of a welcome left for the Messiah?

    Jesus was rejected by the Jewish leaders and He said, "I come in My Father's name- if another comes in his OWN name- him you will receive".
    He also said,"You will not see me again until you say "Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord".

    In Aramaic, the name Barack means "Blessed".
    This prophetic word from the true Messiah has 2 likely meanings: Someone named Barack comes in the name of the Lord (future?) and this event comes before the Jews say blessed is he (anyone?) coming in the name of Jesus.

    The entourage visited the Grotto of the Nativity, the place where it is believed that Jesus was born.
    This is the "church" the terrorists holed-up and desecrated years before, it is not like a normal church building but more like a fortress.

    It is highly possible the prophecy from Daniel that says the following was fulfilled this week:
    "His armed forces will arise and desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then, they will set- up the abomination that causes desolation".

    HE is a Moslem, whose forces (fellow Islamics) desecrated that temple 11 years ago.
    This stopped the daily sacrifices there (the Catholics believe they are re-enacting Jesus sacrifice in the "Communion" that they do daily).
    Then- 11 years later the Obamination stands in the holy place.

    At the conclusion of his visit, the farewell party had to be abandoned because of a strong sand storm that grounded the plane, helicopter and blew down the large tent there at the airport.
    Apparently, God was saying "I let you do your mimic, now get off My land!"

    Will there be a mimic of Jesus' death and resurrection next week?
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    In his second term inauguration ceremony, Barry Soetero (alias Barack Obama) chose to take the oath of office on 2 specific bibles- one from Abraham Lincoln, and the other from Martin Luther King.

    Both men were assassinated by head wounds.
    Blending the two races together we get a shade like O has.

    Mr. Soetero has 2 names that he has gone by.
    Jesus also was called by 2 names- the son of Joseph and the son of God.

    Abounding co-incidences.

    (I see a typo, where I omitted a "!" before the 260 in a post last week- sorry)