Crashes Wear a helmet save your life!

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  1. 2stroker

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    Wear a helmet save your life! My buddy was riding his kit down a hill and his front tire locked up and he flipped over and his head cracked it wide open. Now he's got a bald spot with a 3in long scar on his head for life. If he had helmet he wouldn't be laying in the hospital with is head split open like a watermelon.

    I know it looks dorky.but i would rather look like dork then look like pile of dirt pushing daisy's.

    Friction 4 Life:bowdown:

  2. wheelbender6

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    I have never crashed my motorbike, but had plenty of crashes while mountain biking. On trails in the east, you hit trees. Out west, you hit rocks and cactus. I should have taken pics of the crash damage on my helmets. I do ride helmeted on the motorbike.
  3. 2stroker

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    Out here in florida you hit sand or pavement.
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    I ride a 01 SuperGlide sport with no helmet all the time. Stupid maybe but that bike was intended to go 60+mph for long periods. That being said a bicycle is not intended for the speeds we ride or what we do with them. It's just a good idea to cover the skull on a bike goin 20+. I wear a turtle shell helmet I bought at a bike rally. May not be dot approved but it will guard the brain pan if I spill at those speeds. Pride is one thing....stupid is another!! Motor on.
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    Yep - the Superglide IS designed to roll on at high speeds all day long. That being said, when you go down, your head ISN'T designed that way!

    A friend of a friend was a motorcycle mechanic; he tuned up a bike at work, then took it around the block to check out his work. Without his helmet. At 55, a car pulled out in front of him; he swerved & missed the car but hit a oily spot, went down, then hit a curb with his head. He had several broken bones that he would have lived through, but the brain injury turned him into a vegetable. The last I heard, he was in a facility, and his family was bankrupt.
  6. jeffuehrer

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    My helmet has saved me a couple of headaches. I love my brain!
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    I still ride my pedal bike more than my gas bikes (its still faster because I don't have to worry about speeding past police. They actually get out of my way when they see me coming).
    About 3 months ago I was bombing this hill near my house late at night with two buddies. Next thing you know my bars are straight the front wheel is sideways and I'm doing a superman impression. In mid air my first thought was MY TEETH AND CHIN (I've biffed it more than a few time on my MX bikes). So i pulled one arm up in front of me and hit the pavement HARD. and then again and then i hit my bike, then the bike went over me and I over the bike one more time before grinding the side of my dome into the curb and FINALLY coming to a stop.
    I just laid there for a second while my buddies are freaking out asking if im OK. I Finally responded with F*** that hurt and tried to sit up. I could sit up but not stand. I was really disoriented and had not realized my leather belt was grinding across the concrete long enough it wore through and the buckle was stuck in the sewer grate holding me down!!! Lol I felt so much happier after the the specacles testicles wallet and watch thing walked over picked up my bike which was fine other than a blown tire and some road rash. And then I noticed everything was wet and red. My jaw hurt. I pulled my HELMET off and it looked like someone had power sanded almost the entire side off. My jaw and ear were bleeding. I had enough bald bleeding spots on my body I could have been confused with a leper. Pick my bike up and went home...followed by the ER.
    I got really bored in the ER and pulled out my phone which I use as a bike computer. Top Speed for the ride was 41.8mph and then I biffed it.

    IM HERE NOW BECAUSE I DONT TOUCH MY BIKE (motorized or pedalized) WITHOUT A HELMET ON!!! Much better than lifetime re runs of two face every time I look in a mirror.

    Ironically I got straight hit by a car WALKING my bike across the street the very next week. Had my helmet on.

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  8. Fabian

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    I just wish for my helmet to have side board extensions; front, back and the other two corners, going all the way to my ankles; a bit like an armour plated full body condom - just to be extra safe!!!
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  9. psychedelicode

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    "a bit like an armour plated full body condom - just to be extra safe!!!" -Fabian

    Just found my quote of the day.
  10. timtooth

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    I agree wear one, I woked up in the hospital, and i still can't remember what happen. Found out to two days later i was hit by a car.
  11. Cavi Mike

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    If I'm old enough to be typing on one of these forms, I'm old enough to have heard every story in the book. Save the preaching for church.
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    my 8 year old nephew can get on a forum and type..everyone knows they should wear a helmet but who does..not alot of people..sometimes a good reminder of why we do certain things is a good thing..
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    Cheap motorcycle helmet here, £50. Not been able to get a quote for a new brain yet.
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    :iagree: Best quote of the day
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    Its pricey!
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