Wear report on 4stroke with grubee kit


Earth Mechanic

Hey motoredheads,

This may seem like a complaint session, but I just want to see if this is normal wear, if i just have more miles on my 4stroke than other users, or if this is abnormal wear. Any feedback is appreciated.

I recently changed work locations for a couple months and bumped up my commute from 6 miles per day to over 20, not without a response from ride. Before I list the issues i should mention that I previously modified my motor by increasing the valve gaps slightly to eliminate ticking from the rocker arms and just plain get more air flow. I also was sent a grubeeII gearbox from the person who sold me the kit and have been using it for several months. I have retapped every bolt on the mounting kit with larger bolts because the originals just cannot hold the motor in place. Also, i ride my kit full speed all the time, period. My kit has upwards of 300 miles of full speed commute time.

The issues I have faced are:
1. The motor blows throught oil pretty quickly when run at full speed. I change it every 2 weeks and notice the difference on new oil
2. the teeth on the new grubeeII main drive gear (that the clutch engages) have shreded and im back using the old one which doesnt exactly lock into the new gearing as well causing some serious gearbox noise.
3. I blew through a clutch. I figured it was the clutch when i was hitting top speed around 25..about 6 miles below my regular top speed and saw a post here from stoaway ( i think) suggesting clutch change..thanks for that.
4. My chain tensioner will not stay put and i have resorted to screwing in my motor at full forward position and just running the tensioner at its lowest position.
5. Countless rear hub coaster brake repacks....
6. Installation of a front cantilever brake for safety
7. I have re-cut the threads on the wide crank at the BB and ended up welding the chainring to the crank arms when the threads backing the chainring onto the crankarms stripped for the last time.
8. My motor no longer turns off without hiccuping, and i usually need to close the valves manually with my governer arm.

I've gotta say the maintinence usually takes one night per week. Perhaps the bump up to 20 miles per day is too many miles per day? Is this the same as the maintenence on 2 strokes? Im not sure what im looking for here, but man, im ready to give in an buy a nice 4stroke honda xr250again!

Earth Mech:confused:
I did some quick calcs and it looks like I may have 500+ miles on my ride.