weed wacker scooter problem

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cspaur13, Apr 25, 2009.

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    i had an electric scooter from years ago stripped it down. got a echo weedwacker motor then i had my grandparents friend who owns a machine shop and he fabricated a custom motor mount and he put a centrifugal clutch and keyed shaft on it and made a 10 tooth sprocket designed for scooter chain and he made a 56 tooth sprocket for the rear wheel that bolts throuigh original sprocket and i bolted the engine on and hooked every thing together and i found out it goes backwards and is there a way that i can make it spin the shaft in the oppisite direction. its been sitting in the garage for 3 years. the motor still fires right up and i was wanting it fixed while my motor bike is broken. any help will be appreiciated.

    heres some pics.






  2. Youngbird

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    Flip the motor over.
  3. cspaur13

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    it would still go backwards cause i would have to put the srocket on the left side and its a freewheel so it just spins with out moving the wheel. unless your mean to flip it upside down.
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    With the engine crankshaft on the left....if the wheel spins in reverse by putting the crankshaft toward the right the wheel will spin forward. You will need a different frewheel I guess or another engine that spins CCW and not CW.
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    i wil have to modify the mount to alighn the motor up right.
    thanks for the help