Weed whacker drive



Well now that my chopper runs crystal clean thanks to prowler :cool: I don't have much to wrench on. So after letting our weedwhacker sit with a broken pull start for 2 months...I am gonna strap it so somthing.
So i have two questions- Can I start an engine that was broken in with a clockwise motion, with a counter-clockwise motion? or vise-versa?

And also, what king of drive ideas can you guys come up with? It has no key so I may have to fab one, but i was thinking tiny centirfugal clutch :D

Any other thoughts?
Hi Patch,

I don't think you can run the motor the other way but I am not an expert :D

I have a weed wacker motor spare in my shed that I, a while ago, wanted to install on a bike but was never sure of how to do the clutch.

I saw this last night and I like what the guy has done with the original clutch and it started me thinking again 8)

Are not these things with centrifugal clutch?

If a Honda, Robin, etc, should work with GEBE kit?
Im sorry Hive I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. :???:

MY weedwhacker doesn't have a centrifugal clutch. Im thinking about selling it as a replacement engine and Ill buy a chainsaw engine becuase they have centrifugal clutches and the pull start is on the opposite side than the drive shaft.

Or do you guys think I should make the weedwhacker work? I just think the chainsaw may have more power
From what I understand most Wackers have a clutch. If the head that cuts the grass does not move when you start it and only starts to move when you give it more gas then it does have a clutch.

The clutch is so small that it is often hidden in the plastic outer casing and looks like part of the motor.

I looked into the chainsaw option but they all, I'm told, have a chain brake for safety and that makes it even harder to mount and use on a bike.


I was a bit cryptic there, sorry, was in hurry.

I bought a Honda GX25 motor last year and it was listed by them as a trimmer motor, which confused me, but they also make a "pump" version and the guy at the Small Engine Warehouse asked what I was using it for and sent the trimmer motor, which was right choice. I knew nothing about engines then, and still not much.

I figure the trimmer motor is a weed whacker. Seems there are different motors that do this, which I did not know.

Yes, you might consider the motors as you describe with counter clockwise shaft rotation and centrifugal-clutch. Honda, Tanaka, Robin-Subaru and some others I am not familiar with. All work great. Lot easier than force-fitting odd machine and way less grief and money, in long-run.

Check Small Engine Warehouse and some other outfits are good for Robins and Honda engines. You can get drive kit from GEBE. Larger clutch engines for hills or weight.

The little Tanaka 3300 is quite popular, but hard to find right now. I am sure the larger Robins will run as well and are quieter. There is a source for Tanaka, but forgot name. Just type in Tanaka engines in your search engine and look for it. Tanaka also has lists of dealers, but not all carry the little motors.

I would not go over the 3300 but that is up to you. The 4000 is hot but fine if you do not go nuts, according to what I have read.

I do know from experience the 3300 is all I will ever need with my particular spokes and wheel from GEBE (14-ga).

Take your time; get what you want and need.

Pay attention to rear wheel construction and measurements to save later grief.

Have fun.