Weedwacker madwagon

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  1. Madwagons are a cheap steel frame bike made to look like old time bikes, this is the Fulsom model. Its very heavy very sturdy and easy to pedal. From what I can tell the company has gone out of business a long time ago. Anyway, I picked this one up for a mere $35, I like the frame.

    The engine is a 31cc ryobi weed wacker that I've put a BMX peg on and built a frame for and a gravity clutch. The stock clutch on the thing wasn't capable of driving anything but the shaft.

    It cruises my uneven and bumpy streets between 14 and 19 mph at about half throttle and I only need to pedal until I hit about 5mph and then I can drop the engine on the tire and give her gas. If I pedal I can let back on teh gas and everything feels like down hill.

    the second picture os of the Mass tag. I made a little plexi holder for it and I'll be able to move it if needed.

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    Great looking bike there. I have never heard of it.
  3. Neither had I until I saw the ad on Craigslist and I took one look at the cool frame and figured for $35 it was worth the drive out into the sticks to get it.

    there isn't a lot of info on the web about them other than they had a particularly funny ad campaign.
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    Looks like that thing could go anywhere! Nice work.
  5. MadWagon tours Beverly, MA

    Took the MadWagon for it's first initial spin around the "other" side of town. Visited several local landmarks and took a picture of the bike with the park's/landmarks sign.

    I've got a lot more pics up on my flickr account here:

    Stopping to take a pic was a nice rest for my out-of-shape self, also the helper motor made it possible for me to pedal up hills that I never could have before and kept me safer in traffic that I wouldn't have been safe in before this.

    So the small engine is a win for exercise and safety!

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    Can I ask you how or where you got this clutch?
  7. I built it- It's not like a regular clutch, gravity and a spring pull the peg into the tire- causing it to move the tire as the engine rotates it. I pull the peg off the tire with a brake lever. There are a series of rollers acting as pulleys so that I can move the frame of the engine and peg off the tire. All I need is about 1 inch of pull to move it.

    It works pretty well. I 'll see if I can get some pictures of it soon. It only works for a friction drive though.

    Another person is working on adding a different style of clutch to his homelite. Using a go cart clutch. Im waiting to se how that works. Are you working on a friction drive or a rack mount?

    I LOVE the ryobi. It hauls my fat butt around pretty easily.
  8. my Friday Evening COnstitutional Ride

    Got my fat butt onto the bike tonight and took a good 5.6 mile spin around town and got 3 more landmark pics.

    Got yelled at by some college kids because I didn't notice they were trying to let me pass. Kids being good for once. :0

    First Pic is Contreau Walkway or as we call it Bum Park- I suppose if you are going to be homeless and you have to sleep on a bench this is place to do it, not too far from the water, slightly secluded and not too far from Stop and Slops dumpsters. I think my flash unnerved the guy on the bench...

    Second Pic is Shoe Pond, I thought it was appropriate. It's a man made waterway- concrete bottomed pond made to hold fresh water for some Marine Corp thing. Its pretty and a good place to snag a picnic lunch.

    Final Pic is a blurry image of the rear brake light of the MadWagon in front of the main Cummin's center sign and water fountain. I figured I talked about going there enough that I should take a picture of it, I wish the pic came out better.

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    re: Madwagon bike

    I found one of these in the dumpster, missing a back wheel, with a scuffed seat and very rough, notchy headset.

    What did they go for new? Is it worth buying a coaster brake wheel and bargain front lever and brake to make a moped out of ? Will it hold up to 30mph speeds?
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    very nice custom build. i'm really surprised that weedwacker is able to get you around like that. always heard that the weed wacker engine wasn't quite so reliable for long term motorbiking, then again you have the the larger 31CC. Cheers to you on your ingenuity!
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    Madwagons are cool, and no longer produced. Well done!
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    re: Taxachussetts tag

    How much do they steal from you to ride a bike there?
    do you have to pass any driving tests?

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    re: madwagon bike

    I found one of those in a dumpster. It had fallen off a truck. The seat is torn up, and the grip is worn off, the back wheel is missing. But the frame looks intact with good paint, and the rest of the bike is here. The headset is notchy and the front wheel looks pretty chinky, but the frame looks tough as nails and was surprisingly long for a cruiser bike. I tried riding a $80 Walmart beach cruiser, and felt very cramped and unable to pedal well, even standing. (short cranks and frame, but I'm 5'11" and have long legs.

    I like this bike, but I need a coaster wheel for the back and either a fork with v brake or some long caliper brake for the front. Do they make BMX v-brake kits that can fit the brake/rack hole in the fork?