Weedwhacker motor, runs for a while then quits



I am trying to get an old weedwhacker motor running for conversion to a motored bike. It is still in the old weedwhacker frame. I can get it to run after it sits for a while and it will run well for less than a minute, then it just quits. I thought it was the carb so I bought a new one. After replacing the carb, it still does the same thing.

What would you do next to try to fix it? Maybe a new fuel line and filter? I have seen fuel running out of the fuel line, there does not seem to be an obstruction.

The motor is running rich right now. I will adjust the idle once I can keep it going for a couple of minutes. Could that be the problem?

Also, the carb has two gas line connections. I am thinking one is the return line, which I do not need for the weedwhacker set up. I am just plugging the return line.

Any suggestions appreciated.
I was going to say - fuel carb problem - same problem with new carb - like you say - return line ? Sure sounds like a fuel problem - although maybe condenser or coil - when slightly heated - shorting out ?? Let us know ok ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
Yeah my weedwhacker does this also runs for a little then dies. Now its at the point where it will barely start up. Although there are a lot of bubbles in my gas line.
the old weed whacker on the Bike Build..

Did it !.
It was a while back ..Cant even remember How i did it anymore..LOL

before pulling all your hair out Do yourself a favor .
Try taking off the muffler and drilling a few holes In the baffle area.
It seems the little mufflers Get clogged up after some usage.

good luck.


Had the same problem with my troy built weed wacker engine...

The return line to the tank had hairlines cracks in it, it ran for a minute or so, then died out, prime it and same thing again....

Check your lines to and from