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  1. MoonKS

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    Howdy all. Well, this week everything came together rather well -

    Today I received my white tires - the Halo Twin Rails in 24 x 2.2. I also picked up a pair of Summit puncture resistant tubes - and a pair of heavy duty rim liners.

    Since I have chrome fenders on the Whizzer now, I opted to go with black - so I have a black rear fender from Whizzer and a black shorty front fender I purchased at a bike shop locally.

    I also finished the work on the manifold. I cut it in half - I drilled it appropriately - I polished the tapered hole to a mirror and glass smooth finish - I have the 26mm carb on which is working great!

    I got in the new K&N filter for the 26mm - I was using the one for the 22mm on her - but it doesn't have the surface area I wanted. To tell you the truth, the stock NE5 22mm filter is purty - she is tapered and looks very nice. The new larger one is not tapered and is not as aesthetically pleasing.

    I have my new fuel line and fuel filter, I also got the spring coil for around the fuel line. And at Bill G's suggestion, I found a spring coil for around the breather tube since he noticed it kinking up in my photos.

    So this weekend it comes all together - cross my fingers and knock on wood it will go smoothly!

    Funny, none of this stuff seems like "work" at all - it's too much fun!



  2. MoonKS

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    Well, I am done for now -

    I replaced the chrome fenders with a black Whizzer fender and short black fender I got on eBay. Not sure how I like the look of the short black fender - is it even worth having on there...

    The Halo Twin Rail tires in white are nice - 24 x 2.2. They ride on the twin rails as you can see in the photo - the ride is super smooth and fast - and when you corner it is when you get into the tread on the side - and it grips really, really well.

    I have super thick thorn resistant tubes - and boy you could tell the difference. The stock tubes from Whizzer are so thin...if you have those CHANGE THEM RIGHT AWAY!

    And the Halo tires are puncture resistant as well - the only thing I wish is that they didn't have blackwalls - I really wanted an all cream colored tire...but these will do fine.

    New handlebars, new hairpin springer seat, new tires, new fenders - that's about all I can really do right now to make her my own.

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  3. RdKryton

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    I like the tires a lot. I might just go with them when I finally need new ones.

  4. srdavo

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    awesome looking bike.
  5. peter nap

    peter nap Member

    Good looking bike Matthew...(especially since it looks a lot like mine)

    You need another mirror now!
  6. bill green

    bill green Member

    Hi matthew its looking good ,hows the manifold working .Bill
  7. butch27

    butch27 Guest

    What are those handlebars from? Cool--
  8. MoonKS

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    Hi all,

    Bill - the manifold isn't on yet - It is cut in half, drilled appropriately, but I need to polish the inside hole.

    Butch - those are standard moon cruiser bicycle bars I bought at a local bike shop.

    Sadly, I am not that happy with the new look - something about the look of the tires bothers me - I know it's the fact they have blackwalls - I wanted ALL white or cream tires - but they just don't make 'em in 24". And I think the chrome fenders looked a little classier...

    Who knows... :)
  9. HoughMade

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    I think we all know these things are never truly "done"....I like it though.
  10. Weedylot

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    It would look beautiful next to my recovering derelict. Nice bike.
  11. uncle_punk13

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    I think those wheels look PERFECT!!!! I really REALLY dig that blackwall look! I like the rear fender and the front would be better if it were a tad longer, not full, but a slightly longer shorter. BUT It's your bike and you should make it totally to where YOU love it, not to where I love it... :) Keep working with it, you'll find it's groove.
  12. akyramoto

    akyramoto Member

    I think it looks pretty cool. bet the new handlebars are way comfy. I see what you mean with the front fender, it's tiny!!
  13. MoonKS

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    Bill, I have the manifold on now - cut in half - taper drilled - polished the insided to a mirror finish - have two gaskets (one hard thermoplastic and one softer gasket) on each end of the manifold with the appropriate matching holes. Just to get the best seal I used Hylomar Gasket Maker (600F rated) as a gasket dressing between the gaskets and manifold. She is running better than ever - took her out and no more boiling the gas and getting the sputtering from the gas turning to vapor - what a great improvement.

    Thanks for all of the kind words, all. I am looking at a slightly longer front fender - then I will be happy....for now =) What I really want next is a motor bike with a board track look - like the ones Mike Simpson builds - and like the one I saw Bill Green has :)


  14. bill green

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    Hi Matthew when you get ready for A board track style pm me I have some Ideas you will love..... Bill Green
  15. Simpson Frames

    Hi Moon I have one frameset left, and more on order,