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  1. chainmaker

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    I am wondering, on a regular basis what kind of weight (bike & rider) people are pulling with thier motors , what kind of speeds are you getting, and what motors you're using.

  2. azbill

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    I pull a kiddie trailer with my 2 granddaughters in it :)
    well over 10K miles (3700+ on my newest kit)
    the total weight I would estimate at 110-120lbs (trailer + 4 + 6 yr old girls)
    I am only about 150lbs and my newest bike (a stretch beach cruser)is a tank of a bike, and probably weighs close to 80lbs

    all of it adds up to around 350lbs !!! (wow, I never totaled it up before !)

    up until last May, I was using various makes of 2smokes on a few different bikes
    since May, I have been using a 4cycle kit with 2 different transmissions
    (2600m with an EZM 'SilentPower' manual, and the rest <1100+m>with the new EZM Q-Matic auto)
  3. MikeJ

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    Bike and rider approach 300 lbs. Use a 66cc 2-stroke Nantong engine (nothing special about it). Max speed was 33 mph on the flats at 6200 feet above sea level. That is around 5000 rpm using a jackshaft from Sick Bike Parts. The gas is 50:1 with Amsoil synthetic oil. The engine runs fine on this mix. It is the mounting bolts that keep vibrating loose.

    960 miles and waiting for warmer weather
  4. Warner

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    Just rough numbers here....I'm about 180, and the bike is around 60, so that's 240 pounds. I am using a Staton chain drive kit powered by a Mitsubishi TLE43. My max speed ever was 40.75mph, but my typical cruising speed is between 30 -35 mph.

  5. Fabian

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    My combo:

    Bike = 30 kilos (66 lbs)
    Trailer with cargo = 35 kilos (77 lbs)
    Rider = 74 kilos (163 lbs)

    Total = 139 kilos (306 lbs)

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    I don't bother with a motor

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