Welcome to 1978

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    Guess what? they told me that that I would have flashbacks and now I am. First: The economy took a nosedive, just like it did the last time we had a "progressives" in the congress and the White House (remember they took over the House and the Senate in 2006) Now we have a revolution in the mid-east Now its Egypt before it was Iran.

    The only thing its missing is for the U.S. embassy in Egypt to get taken over by Islamic fundamentalists.

    I am waiting for the next shoe to fall.


  2. seanhan

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    I got a feeling your not gonna be waiting long !!!
  3. professor

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    They do the exact same thing over and over and get away with it don't they?

    See how the media quickly came against the leader (who has a peace treaty with Israel) and FOR the muslim brotherhood (a terrorist sponsor ). Islam has been a gold mine for the war department- oh I forgot! The name was changed to defense dept.