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Sep 30, 2006
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When MB.com started last year, RackMounts were slow to arrive, one or two would pass by per month, but now we have A LOT of experienced folks to answer questions, about engines and systems.

This thread is for folks just starting their searching, to ask a question, or for folks who just got their kit, and want step by step info.

The main trick to using these high compression/high performance engines is being 90% certain everything is correct before pulling the string start the first time.

THAT is the thing that will amaze you, pumping the bubble a few times, and the thing springs to life, sometimes on the very first pull.

So, ask away, the Rackmount semi-certified personel are checking these threads all times of day or night.

Tell us your riding weight, the terrain you live in, what you want the bike to eventually do. If you have a bike, put a picture of the back half of the frame, we can see "problems" right away when we see 3 speeds and narrow tires.

If you have a bike you saw on Craigslist, post the link so we can click it and give feed back.

We could probably give you "blue book value" on a used bike pick.

We want to be the SOLUTION place, vendor grievances are beyond our control, we've all had "nightmares" and glitches, nothing is perfect.

BUT the Rackem community can get a new install up and running, no matter where you live.

I gotta go on a LONG ride this morn, but like I said, there are plenty of excellent advisors on board now, so your question won't sit long.

(A lot of guest traffic is coming from a diary I wrote last week, pretty much sums up my whole Mb.philosophy). http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/9/16/44618/9019

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i've just read every word of every relevant link and sub-link...all i can say is :cool: :cool:

i remember one time early on you telling me you're "not a leader"...well, my friend, you've become one, whether you intended to or not...you rock (& roll), bama!!