Welding Dropouts

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    Hi, what is the proper way to weld a dropout onto the seat & chain stays. Upon examination, it looks like there is no filler metal along the edge of the where the tubing and dropout meet. It looks like someone droped a pool of weld on the tubing and let it melt through to the dropout tab. How is the dropout welded?
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    What material are we talking about the frame being made from? Steel, chromoly, aluminum?

    Take a look here for a basic tutorial. There are more in-depth frame building sources around as well but nothing beats actually working with a pro.

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    I think they are crimped on or spot-welded ???
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    Most likely brazed. Brazing is a high temperature metal bonding process that joins the metal parts. Typically, a metal with a lower melting temperature than the pieces to be joined is used, like a brass alloy (some with zinc or silver). Like soldering but at a much higher temperature and much stronger. A well designed and executed braze weld can be stronger than welding. Welding requires the pieces being joined to be melted together to form the bond, whereas brazing requires the bonding metal to melted in the join, like solder. Hope that makes sense.