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  1. snaggsattacks

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    If anyone is interested in welding and metalworking there is a group on facebook called WELDERS! There is some shots of different home projects and work pictures from me on the job. (I'm a gas pipeline welder). Come check it out.

  2. rustycase

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    Tnx S,

    I need to learn how to fab a fender from flat stock...
    Don't do facebook ...yet. Looks like I should.
  3. motorpsycho

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    here's a tip on creating a fender.
    go look at boat trailer fenders.
    they are already curved and shaped, but you may have to just cut a section out of the center to narrow it and weld it back together. if you're running a super wide rear tire (like a schwinn o.c.c. chopper tire, you may not have to narrow it that much.
    making one from flat stock would require using an english wheel to stretch and curve the metal.
  4. Lazieboy

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    MB Funds

    Saving money for new 66cc grubee motor kit. Old motor broke piston ring (top),locked up crank.:shout:
    Hopefully in 2 weeks. but then shipping takes up time also. summer only so long.
  5. rustycase

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    boat fender

    Good idea, Motorpsycho.

    I'll have a close look at my boat trailers... got 3 different wheel sizes, and two might be close.

    I been living wrong.
    Can't remember when I last went fishing.

    ...Now if I can get a MB to carry me up and over the hill to the beach, I'm gone... Out to lunch. Gone fishin!

  6. Happy Valley

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    There are a number of good welders right here on these pages, a quick search will show those threads, and a number of old pros retired or still working.

    Geo form NH had some work I saw from his welding lab with aluminum tubing used in racing wheelchairs and recumbents that blow you away.
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