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    Hello everyone:bowdown:This is my first build.. The Bike started as a Micargi Puma, but I dropped and widened and stretched it as you can see.....The tank is a 1930 British Moped tank.. 70cc Lifan auto with 12 front and 39 Rear no seat post, kicked the springer out ,cut the pedals down to 4" added 10" to rear fender for a streetsweeper look and bla bla bla Sure had fun.. hope you'all like it....:whistling: Del

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  2. Ludwig II

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    Why bother with the Harley logo? What you've built is good enough in it's own right to be simply what it is. You can feel well pleased at the finished product. Put your own name on it, you deserve it.
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    :tt1::likelots::bowdown: Looks like a labor of love. Great job!
  4. Minnesota Hyena

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    is that a lifan 125 cc?
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    This bike is the shiznit! Very good work!
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    Drooling on my kybd. Great craftsmanship!
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    It's interesting to see history echoing back and forth. Honda took the Italian examples of Aermacchi, Benelli, Motobi and Moto Guzzi to create the Cub and it's descendants. HD, under AMF, sold rebadged Aermacchi in the US, and now we have an Italian inspired engine in a bike with a HD badge on it again.
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    I think Honda still uses a 250cc variant of the cub motor in the Reflex scooter. Oriental manufacturers continue to copy Italian power plants with the Honda v4, Suzuki SV650, etc.