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  1. Transcendstime

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    Haven't been on this site in a couple of years. But needless to say I am doing another Cross country trip. Few years back I Did FL to Washington state in a zig zag type fashion. Well this time I am gearing up to do A longer far more difficult trip. CT to AK. Gona leave by May first to make AK by the onset of fall/winter. Anyways I will be on here more and more now that I have another trip planned , w/ bike and trailer ready for another trip.

    Anyways Nice sayin Hi to everyone again. (Not sure if the same admins/Memebers etc are still here) But I was the Guy that traveled with a bassett hound (Copper) in my trailer.


  2. 2old2learn

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    Tell us about your gear you will be traveling with? Your experience might save a lot of first time long distance attempts a lot of frustration. Do you generally camp or motel it? Cook many of your meals or eat at restaurants? We'd love some tips?
  3. Transcendstime

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    Well, my Gear it Basic essentials only learned over packing was a waste for me last time as I ended up throwing about 1/2 of what I originally took w/ me.
    What I'll Will be using:
    Standard 26" Mountain Bike *I replace the tubes with non-popable foam tubes But i also still bring a couple Spare tubes
    49cc Engine 2 stroke
    Child carrier trailer With *Slow moving vehicle placard on the back <--Found it helpful both with cops and saftey.
    Small Socket set
    1 man light weight tent.
    8x10 Tarp
    small camp stove for cooking.
    2 Sets of clothes
    bicycle pump (mini)
    Fishing pole *I like to fish
    I also make some costimizations to my trailer for added strength etc (Learned this the hard way as after doing 4366mi) I was on my 3rd trailer after just about 2k miles when i did the mods and never had any issues after that.

    As for other questions:

    I always camp. my whole trip of about 2mo I only stayed in a hotel 3 times we were having tornados all over where I was and a pastor in town insisted and paid for a 3 days stay there for me.

    I cook about 90% of the time. But ate out maybe 1 time a week.

    Anyways hope that helps
  4. 2old2learn

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    If you weren't taking your dog, would you have chosen a different trailer type? I've never towed a trailer with a bike but was thinking the lower profile type might be more efficient.
  5. jaguar

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    any mods done to your engine?
  6. Arty

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    Wow! I'll be watching your progress. Have a great trip.
  7. LR Jerry

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    I bet that puppy is really going to enjoy that trip.
  8. Transcendstime

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    If I was not taking my pup I would definately go with a single wheel design. Lighter, Smaller, bettey saftey, All around without a pup a MUCH better alternative.
  9. Transcendstime

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    I did not modify me "engine" at all But I did change my sprocket size up some to make sure I could Climb mountains. It slows my over all speed but being able to drive up a 5-10 thousand foot mountain is much better than Pushing your bike and gear up it. I learned that the hard way last time
  10. 2old2learn

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    Thank you for your insight. I am putting together a bike for multi purposes and one of those is for some long distance rides as I am already an ultralight backpacker so I have most of the camping gear. I was leaning towards the single wheel designs.
  11. Transcendstime

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    Ultra light camper your already on the BEST path. As that old phrase goes " Take half of what ya think you'll need and double the $" ... Its actually true the only thing I add to that phrase is "Lighter is better". I would rather spend double the $ for good ultra light gear then go cheap and get Junk
  12. YesImLDS

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    Looks like a bunch of fun. Ever thought about a shift kit for it? I know you don't really have any other mods, but that would give you low end with a higher top speed too!