Well I am new but here's my new ride..and help.

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    Here she is! almost done!


    I am REALLY proud of my newly designed quick release engine mount!

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    I still have to do the fuel lines and drive train.

    But what has me vexed is the throttle to carb set up. It's like the throttle cable is to long or something. I have it set up but there seems to be a too long of cable issue, or I have the carb hook up wrong. The throttle does not twist smoothly or return to position right. I could really use some detailed instructions on how to do it right....I know, I know, I will search....


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    neat ride.

    Do you happen to like PARK TOOLS or is the color of the bike a coincidence? Is that a Park Home Stand?

    I have quite a few park tools at my shop, including a bench mount stand I am no longer using but, I just can't bring myself to toss it.


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    Hi mike,

    The bike was blue, the stand was also :)

    Coincidence I guess!
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    First up, it's better to 'attach' pics than to use inline {img} tags, especially with such gigantic pics.
    (Attachments show clickable 'thumbnails' in the thread, rather than full-sized images.)
    Makes the thread much more readable, particularly for anyone accessing the site via mobile.

    With the throttle cable attached to the twist-grip, but not to the carb, does the cable move properly?

    Have you fitted the slide into the carb such that the groove down the side of the slide is aligned with the very small pin in the carb body?

    Was the motor blue as well? (Hope it's heat-resistant paint.)

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    Point taken! Should I change it?

    I was unsure on the slide guide whether or not the full length groove or the small notch should be against the small pin. I take it the full length cut should be on the pin side? Sorry, I am new to this. Had a blast building though!

    Yup, ceramic based high temp engine paint!
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    Yep, the long groove locates on the pin and the shorter, angled groove is where the idle-speed screw pushes on the slide to raise/lower it.
    Ensure that the slide moves up and down freely.
    The correct order for the parts is cable into top cap, spring immediately below, then on the slide:- First drop in the needle, then the 'C' washer, (point the open end of the 'C' washer toward the long slot), then slide the cable into place while holding the spring compressed, then release the spring. The spring will drop into the top of the slide and press on the 'C' washer, holding it and the needle in place.
    (This is best done with the cable adjusters slacked right off.)
    Then slide it into place in the carb body, carefully aligning the pin.

    Regarding the pic, it wouldn't hurt to change the really big one.
    (I only mentioned it because it's a hot topic at the moment.)
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    Better? Thanks for your patience!

    I went and did what you descibed....You rock man, thank you!

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    Glad I could help.
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    Very nice looking, now get rid of the OEM spark plug and wire.
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    So funny you mention the spark plug, there's a new ngk in there now! Gotta get a new wire. Thank you sir!