well iam done for now hehe

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by MasterLink, May 11, 2008.

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  2. RdKryton

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    Nice build.

  3. azbill

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    nice Jaguar !!! :D
  4. spunout

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    looks great. i like what you've done with the front wheel :D
  5. Wow. Nice finished product considering your ordeal. Did you paint the red plastic cover?
    I love that paint job on your engine. Thinking of doing the same thing.
    (edit) changed the url from 3 on the end to 4 and then 5. Yes. Very nice job on the paint!
    How did you prep the plastic?
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  6. MasterLink

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    painted most everything well i sanded the **** out of it was brand new when i got it and still looked used,,,, now looks new to me well then primed then paint more paint and keep goin on paint then cleared with urtane gloss i dont think gas will not eat it.... iam goin to paint the pull start silver along with 1/4 the tank in front or mist the frame with same as paint as the tank i seen a user here do that looks better that way
  7. MasterLink

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    YOU GUYS , i need a long muffler and the double brake thing any ideals ? (the one i was sent) was used where can i get thos ?
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    RATRODER Guest

    Nice paint work,good gob. louis
  9. Alaskavan

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    Spooky Tooth (Sponsor on the left side of screen) sells the dual pull brake.
  10. quay1962

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    yea nice build considering everything...is it running well? enjoy the ride!
  11. HoughMade

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    Got your message-

    -I love the paint matching the bike, engine shroud, valve cover and gearbox. Nice color. Of course, I'm jealous of anyone with paint at this point. Right now, I've got 3 colors of primer and what paint I do have- I don't like, so that will be redone.

    Looks good. Are you running the 48 tooth sprocket? I've found that to be the best one for all around- but was kicking around a 50.

    No governor needed on these, my man. I think you would be well over 40 before overr-revving it...and you may have the the ...stones, shall we say, to do that all day long, but I don't.
  12. HoughMade

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    One question- do you have spray equipment, or is that just a supremely awesome rattle can job?

    Either way- the paint quality looks superior.
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  13. Scottm

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    Welcome to the Jaguar club. It's an awesome bike. Nice paint.
  14. MasterLink

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    well its a can i have some tricks .. i can help with if you like iam a painter by trade (Maintenance Man by night ) .i dropped and shot all over the tank about 20 cents of gas all over it wiped it off and screamed a bit..and it was just as shiny as new ..i was pleased my ideal worked had to learn to pump gas in that... tank heheh
  15. MasterLink

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    48 tooth i think i try try a 56 tooth next .. my cycle putter iam at 32 no hills here on the 48 tooth this bike dosnt like goin that fast hope the other rims i have will be smoother and ape hangers will help i worked on the governor linkage i built it backwards so full on was full off i wasn't happy i will get it soon i hope ..cas 32 on this seems fast enough but i siad that at 24 also that seems slow now thanks guys for your post
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  16. crabdance

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    Nice looking bike MasterLink,
    I think that you did good on the paint job like everyone else too. Now that I see your bike I know that the beach cruiser will work for me. Which is great because I am getting attached to it. Thanks for your post on the other thread. I appreciate your help. When I get to the point where I'm building my bike I will make lots of pictures and share them with everyone.

    Like I said... love your bike... nice man.

  17. MasterLink

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    thanks man ,,i love to see others get ,,to mb ridding/// i still have a chezzy smile when iam tooling down the road ... iam .looking to get some forks with spring and ape hangers thos handle bars i have now i call then the death bars not to fun at 35 ..iam i feeling a bit peewee hermen with them heheh
    as for right now ,,iam haveing some issues with that motor mount plate.. i just got down helia coil both sides of the mount and upgraded to a nunber.5 steal botls 1/4 inch.20 i think there called
  18. crabdance

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    You're welcome, about the bike. It looks great to me! Good luck on the forks with springs. I be that will make it ride better. Can't wait until I can put that chezzy smile on my face :).

    Sorry you are having some problems with the motor mount plate. Hope that you can get it all worked out soon. Good luck!

  19. MasterLink

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    i think i got the mount issues fixed weeheee
    yes this is the best toy for me in 10 years

    and get ready to answer questions because everyone u see will ask you about it i dont care i like talking about it but there all asking the same things heheh how fast how much where to get one hehehe i need to pass out flyers hahah iam here for ya if ya need anything ,,peace
  20. crabdance

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    Kewl! Glad that you got the mount issues fixed! And you're right... what a toy :). I can't wait until I get one and can play with it myself. I know that it must be neat to talk to the people about your mb. I know that they must love it and want to know all about it. What a great deal... the wind in your face and 150 mpg yea!