well iam done for now hehe

Wow. Nice finished product considering your ordeal. Did you paint the red plastic cover?
I love that paint job on your engine. Thinking of doing the same thing.
(edit) changed the url from 3 on the end to 4 and then 5. Yes. Very nice job on the paint!
How did you prep the plastic?
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painted most everything well i sanded the **** out of it was brand new when i got it and still looked used,,,, now looks new to me well then primed then paint more paint and keep goin on paint then cleared with urtane gloss i dont think gas will not eat it.... iam goin to paint the pull start silver along with 1/4 the tank in front or mist the frame with same as paint as the tank i seen a user here do that looks better that way
YOU GUYS , i need a long muffler and the double brake thing any ideals ? (the one i was sent) was used where can i get thos ?
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Spooky Tooth (Sponsor on the left side of screen) sells the dual pull brake.