Well, Im almost done and I can 'taste' how good it will be



Hello all. First, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us.

Well, after reading up for a while, I decided to get a Dax50. Being new and not mechanically inclined, I was drawn by the fact that thatsdax.com contained detailed instructions on there site. So I could get a feel for what's involved.

So, my package arrived (early by the way :D)

I decided after reading some of the issues others had with the kill switch, (and taking someones advice), that I would skip the kill switch until I knew things were otherwise working. I honestly didn't think I would need it anyways as I did not have much confidence I would get it running the first time out. I was right.

Attaching the cables:
I had thought I tightened the cable fastener on the clutch cable enough. That is until it shot off when I squezed the lever and it is now hidden in some dark corner of my basement. :???:

So, I temporarily used a small pair if vice grips so I could continue.

Now, the chain:
I had to shorten the chain and I manage to do that once I borrowed a metal grinding tool. (Proved invaluable actually) However, the clip for the Master Link seems to have been a little too loose after I installed it. How do I know that? You see, after a few test runs teh Master Link clip is now missing and my chain is now a line and no longer a circle.:???:

Throttle assembly:
I was afraid it would be a pain getting the handle grips on. Well, I figured I would use a little pertrolium jelly. I didnt have any but my wife gave me some anti bacterial stuff that contains petrloium jelly. :???:

The throttle grip is loose. I also think I need to figure out how to tighten the cable too. But at least I know its germ free :D

Well, the bike looks real nice. People like it. Now they want to see it work. Me to. So close.

Now I just need to order some patience and well be riding in no time. At lease thats what I keep hearing from you guys here.

Keep up the good work!
You know, it sounds like you've got waaay more patience than i. any one of those minor setbacks to me, would have resulted in at least one tool thru a window, and a very confused cat. :eek:
I'm impressed you've gotten this far on your own. bike's almost complete, and this is only your second post. :cool:
BRAVO ja. That's a MBattitude !! :cool: Here's some stars !

Wish this place was available when I started, but I still learn something new every day or two.

Best "small" piece of advise, some machinist mentioned here, and my bikeshop guy confirmed, was Fingernail polish, on the small nut/bolts, when you are pretty well sure everything is right.

Nylock nuts are great, but a dab of fingernail polish on those little bitty chainguard bolts even took out a pesky rattle.

Good luck and carry on !
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You're doing a great job and I also admire your patience. It will all fall into place. Get ready for a grin that won't go away.
Funny, we were using fingernail polish way before loctite came along. Guess that shows my age a little. The greatest thing about fingernail polish is that you can use, of course, fingernail polish remover, to get it to release and you can't do that with the red or the blue loctite.
On the grips. Use dish soap. It will go away after a while, and the grip will be solid. Most dish soap will also kill germs.
My grips from Kings were so loose, I had to put gorrilla glue on them to keep them from slipping off.
missing brass thingy: scavenge the cable-locking parts from a brake, or from a derailleur, preferably from a different bicycle.

chain: good luck on finding the exact right master-link...order another from dax & be more careful? or don't be more careful, but order a dozen? (in case you aren't aware, direction matters)

throttle stuff: elmer's wood glue, a few dabs of it along and around the nylon sleeve...holds the throttle grip just fine until you need it to let go, then easy to clean off and re-do. elmer's wood-glue will not kill germs, so wash your hands often. the throttle-cable-housing slack will be adjusted at the carby-cap fitting.

now, about the trials and tribs...lemme tellya an honest-to-goodness truth...

it's all worth it :cool:
Man, I feel terrible for leading you the wrong direction. because Gorrilla glue absolutely will not kill germs. My Bad!
This is awesome!

OK. Thanks entirely to you, I went on my first 'powered bike' ride last night. (And yes, it was my bike):D

I forgot to bring in the names of those who's suggestions were invaluable - so I guess you all have to take credit.

1) I decided to reverse the direction of the sprocket because the chain was sometimes hitting the tire. Easy fix. Thank you to someone.:)

2) I removed the throttle assemby and cut away at the plastic insert, added a little grease and now it freely moves and retracks. Thank you again to someone.:)

3) After spending days looking for a new Master Link, I found one that is not quite the exact size, however, because I was able to find everything except the outer link and locking pin, all I needed was a new master link whos outer link and locking pin matched. I honestly could not wait for thatsdax.com to send it and have it arrive next week. Too much patience to try to attain. :) Thanks to me for working so hard to locate one. :)

4) I also took apart the carb and realised the pin assembly was not correct. Someone here made me think of that. Please pat yourself on the back. :D

5) After riding it, I had stsalling porblems when it should be idling. Again, there were at least two post who helped me out with that. You guys are the best! :D

Now, I still need to find a clip from an old pair of brakes to put onto my clutch cable. The vice grips just wont cut it in the long run.

I also need a new seat. My cushion ripped off a few weeks ago. So, my father-in-law is a big tag sale dude. I'm sure he has one of them wide bottomed exercise bike seats.

Its weird, but it feels like you are going alot faster than normal because you hear this engine and are not peddling. Just like only a parent can truly appreciate the blessings of having a child, only those who have ridden these things can appreciate fully how awesome it is.

And finally, in order to make my bike safe, I need new brakes and have to tighten the front wheel hub. Of course, if I find a replacement bike, I can skip this.

I quickly learned I want to replace my mountain bike frame with something more comfortable. I like the cruiser style bikes I've seen here. I would actually like a lower riding one. More like a chopper. I thought I should shop my local Walmart and get a cheapy one. Other than that, I checked Craigslist.com and the local papers - nothing.

I also past by some bicyclist this AM and they had some bright front lights and those blinking tail lights. I like that too as I will be riding in the early AM to work.

Anyways, again, thanks to you guys (and gals?) I now am the proud parent of a new, gaudy green looking, tool hanging, brake missing, seat cushion broken powered bike.:D