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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RIOT, Jun 12, 2009.

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    last fall i bought a 1986 toyota MR2 and the bike pretty much sat in the garage untill winter when it went down to the basement. all spring i never rode it because i have been having too much of a blast driving that MR2 without snow on the road. to make a long painful story short the motor on the toyota is dead and im looking at the bike as daily driver again. i ran into 2 problems last year with the bike. one was that my choke was always getting lose and causing me to bog down and have to reach down and push it back in place no matter how many times i tightened it. the second is my own dumb fault, i took the silencer out of the exhaust just to see how it sounded and then lost the silencer. this thing is stupid loud my buddy who lives a 1/4 down the street told me he could hear it starting up at my place. any way i can replace just the silencer? or make a new one? i got a buddy who can weld if that matters.

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    hey RIOT

    you may wish to get the silencer repaired soon
    if you read around regarding 2-strokes especially -- back pressure needed -- not to burn THING up
    choke -- holding bolt -- tighten

    ride that MB thing
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    I read that it's a good idea to remove the end muffler cap and clean out all of the excess oil build up out. I have tried to get the end off but It wouldn't budge. The retaining bolt came out but that was a far as I got, I even started the engine and used it for two or three days without the bolt thinking maybe it would vibrate loose, but nothing happened. Anyone have any advise regarding this cleaning muffler element. Some claim if not done performance will suffer.
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    I'd just blast it with some break cleaner. If all that is missing is the bolt, should be easy to weld it up. Or new ones are pretty cheap. Welcome back!
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    im talking about the pipe inside the pipe that i lost. it was a pipe that was crimped shut in the middle but had holes on both ends to let the gases by. maybe i will just let him get fancy and try to weld me up a custom exhaust.